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'Consensus' that Russians 'hacked into political files,' tried to sway election

05 Octubre 2017, 10:31 | Verda Sainz

'Consensus' that Russians 'hacked into political files,' tried to sway election

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Senator Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, gave an update on the committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Warner had joined the panel's leader, Chairman Richard Burr, at a press conference earlier Wednesday - and the duo warned that the United States remains at risk for future election interference by Russian Federation and other malefactors.

There has been significant reporting on the Russian ads, but while they've been released to the committee, Sen.

It would take changing only a few states' electoral count to alter an election outcome, the Virginia Democrat reminded. Burr and Warner said the government must be proactive ahead of next year's midterm elections. Burr said the committee "has hit a wall" in its requests to interview Steele as he has not accepted offers to meet with staff or with Burr and Warner personally.

"I am not aware exactly of what my role will be in that investigation.I am happy to support the investigation in any way that the special counsel needs, and I will pledge to you that I will not do anything illegal or inappropriate", Demers told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Burr confirmed that the committee trusts findings from the intelligence community on Russian Federation meddling, in contradiction to president Trump who has repeatedly called any report to that effect a hoax.

The committee has interviewed more than 100 witnesses as part of its investigation, including "everybody who had a hand" in an assessment on Russian meddling in the elections. Trump touted the disclosures in the final weeks of the campaign.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is one of three committees on Capitol Hill that have opened full-fledged investigations into the relationship between Trump, his associates and Russian Federation. "That's not the case", said Sen.

Steele is reported to have spoken to Federal Bureau of Investigation officials about his findings and given them information on his sources. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are scheduled to testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on November 1; the House Intelligence Committee has scheduled a similar hearing to take place in October. Warner's distinction is that, while we should worry about foreign powers using social platforms' ad mechanics to boost their message, Facebook and its ilk are also powerful for people who never put any money into the platform. CNN reported Tuesday that the ads targeted crucial swing states Wisconsin and MI.

News of those 3,000 ads came a month after Facebook revealed it had discovered 450 accounts and about $100,000 in ad spending linked to Russian Federation on divisive issues during the US presidential campaign. The ads, which ran between June 2015 and May 2017, spread controversial views on topics such as immigration and race and promoted 470 "inauthentic" pages and accounts, according to Facebook's own description. "None of the ads used another type of Custom Audiences targeting based on personal information such as email addresses".

Burr, however, is not among them. Richard Burr said in a press conference. "They were not only geared at the United States of America", Warner told reporters.

'NBC news is #FakeNews and more dishonest than even CNN.

The panel has also extensively interviewed every Obama administration official of interest in the investigation, Burr said.

"We've got to make our facts, as it related to Russia's involvement in our election, before the primaries getting started in 2018", Burr said, adding, "You can't walk away from this and believe that Russia's not now active". That report also stated the former Exxon CEO had called the president a "moron".

"Like any other global real estate brand, it is not uncommon for third party developers to submit proposals for potential real estate projects all over the world", he said, adding that only a "very small percentage of these proposals are ever pursued".

"The 2016 United States election was the first where evidence has been widely reported that foreign actors sought to exploit the internet to influence voter behavior", Schrage wrote.

"The Russian active measures efforts did not end on election day 2016", Warner said.

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