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Chemist says VX byproduct was on Kim murder suspect's shirt

07 Octubre 2017, 04:37 | Bibiana Flor

A top CIA official said Kim Jong Un was a “very rational actor” who wants to rule the rogue nation for a long time

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un makes a statement regarding U.S. President Donald Trump's speech at the U.N. general assembly in this undated

His report, submitted as evidence at the trial in Malaysia's High Court, stated that VX was found not just on Kim Jong Nam's face and eyes but also in his blood, urine, clothing and bag.

The chemist said laboratory tests also detected VX acid, a degraded product of the nerve agent, on Aisyah's sleeveless T-shirt.

Four North Korean men, who the Malaysian police suspect of plotting the attack, left the country on the same day as Kim Jong-nam's murder and have been missing since.

Dr Norashikin Othman, from the Pathology Department of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, who conducted the analysis on Kim Chol's enzyme sample said the level of cholinesterase was low at 344 units per liter (UL).

U.S. President Donald Trump participates in a briefing with senior military leaders at the White House in Washington U.S
A top CIA official said Kim Jong Un was a “very rational actor” who wants to rule the rogue nation for a long time

She agreed that a person with VX on the hands may not be fully decontaminated by washing it off with soap and water. The second half focuses on North Korea's recent progress toward nukes, and speculates on its purpose. But tests on the two suspects showed their levels were normal.

VX nerve gas is known to be most toxic among chemical warfare substances.

Aisyah, who has a son, has wrote to her family and told them to pray for her "so that the case will be over soon and I can go back home".

"The Kremlin really believes the North Korean leadership should get additional assurances and confidence that the United States is not in the regime change business", said Andrey Kortunov, head of the Russian International Affairs Council, a think-tank tied to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

That could account for a sizable portion of North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programs, which South Korea says have cost more than $1 billion.

Trump and Kim have been involved in a war of words that escalated last month with Trump's statement to the United Nations, saying that the U.S. would "totally destroy" the reclusive country if provoked. Defying U.S-led U.N. sanctions, North Korea argues that its nuclear weapons are needed to deter potential invaders. It has always wanted talks to diffuse the tension.

They used the length of a transporter vehicle to work out Kim's Hwasong-12 was 16 metres long, the weld lines to determine what kind of fuel it uses, the crane carrying it to calculate its weight and video footage of its launch to gauge its thrust.

"After Kim Jong-un delivered a personal address, emergency lecture sessions and speeches were held to inspire national unity and alert us to the current situation, but there weren't any noteworthy military movements", a source inside from Ryanggang Province told Daily NK. Clark spoke with PRI's The World about the challenges he encountered trying to report the story.

Morozov's comments drove up the price of U.S. Treasury bonds, as investors, worried about the prospect of new North Korean missile tests, moved into assets the market views as a safe haven in times of uncertainty.

The deputy prosecutor's office (DPP) has said the documents will be provided to the defense by Monday.

Kim has called Trump "deranged" and a "dotard" in response to the threats.

In answer to a question from Wan Shaharuddin on the link between fits and muscle contraction, she said fits were a sign of continued muscle contraction, with continued saliva secretion.

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