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Another Pixel 2 XL Screen Scandal: Google Investigating Burn-in

24 Octubre 2017, 01:40 | Verda Sainz

Signs of Pixel XL 2 screen burn-in were apparent after a week of light use. Image Alex Dobie Twitter

Signs of Pixel XL 2 screen burn-in were apparent after a week of light use.               Image Alex Dobie  Twitter

Google is not leaving these people suffering empty handed, compensating those that have to wait by offering a free Live Case that usually retails for $40.

Screen burn-in occurs when the same image stays on the display long enough and a ghost image remains, even when moving to another screen.

On a similar note, the menu for selecting sounds has been revamped on the Pixel 2.

Burn-in is a problem that tends to affect OLED displays.

Still, The Verge saw the same thing happening with its own Pixel 2 XL review unit. Pixel 2 also has a dominant payoff against the iPhone 7 series. What's going on this time around?

With a span of one week's use, Google Pixel 2 XL users began to notice OLED burns on the screen. It can be heard even before the remote party picks up. Customers can also search the uBreakiFix website for their nearest location and to mail their devices in for repair.

Review units were given to media outlets this month, and some analysts said it was unusual for screen burn-out to appear so soon. Still, they say that they're investigating the report of screen burn-in. The pricing strategy of its competitors is revealed to it before the Pixel launch. However, the iPhone's smaller, lower-resolution screen surely saves some energy consumption, so whatever difference there might be isn't hugely significant. Like the 5-inch Pixel 2, the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL is supposed to showcase the best that Android has to offer. Strike one. Disabling NFCRegular-frequency clicking may some indicate some kind of RF interference. Battery life is good, and there's certainly value to being at the cutting-edge of Google's Android release cycle. Samsung quickly realized it could create iPhone-like devices that would sell just as well as the iPhone.

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Google demonstrated the technology during the hardware event. Samsung just swallowed the criticism, fought back, and marched onward.

Is there a better solution?

About the accessibility options on other gadgets is not reported.

And speaking of translations, I'm hoping Google Lens one day will translate signs instantly when traveling. Unfortunately, weeks or days is what's hitting early adopters of Google's Pixel 2. Or could the camera be the culprit?

If you picked up a Google Pixel 2 XL, what are your thoughts on its display? If your Pixel 2 is clicking, we'd recommend contacting Google support directly.

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