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Actually, a black woman created the "Me Too" movement 10 years ago

20 Octubre 2017, 05:53 | Azura Castelo

Actually, a black woman created the "Me Too" movement 10 years ago

Actually, a black woman created the

Other famous people who have chimed in with #MeToo on Twitter include singer Lady Gaga, who has written a song about sexual assault, as well as actresses Gabrielle Union and Evan Rachel Wood, who both say they were raped. It didn't even begin as a response to the dozens of women who have spoken out about the alleged sexual misconduct of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. These people include former colleagues, close friends, cousins and acquaintances from various countries.

"Its important to not that a lot of people who haven't posted, may still be victims of sexual assault". The issue is pervasive, yet often victims face social stigma and other factors that silence them. In one such post on Facebook, Chirag Tarsh talks about how he has encouraged men who harass women.

In a blog post last week, Milano said she was "sickened and angered over the disturbing accusations" - but "ecstatic even - that it has opened up a dialogue around the continued sexual harassment, objectification and degradation of women".

The most high-profile sexual harassment scandal in tech involves Uber, the once high-flying ride-hailing startup whose co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, resigned from the top spot in June. I possessed the power that every man has over every woman, and I used it to spare myself two minutes of aggravation. It can sometimes be mental and emotional, such as when the woman is made to feel inferior or subservient to the man.

Since this past weekend, women and men have been sharing their accounts of sexual violence with the hashtag #MeToo. She said she didn't know it was wrong and thought that was the way it was. Some of us remember "The Benny Hill Show", a BBC export that was basically an episodic montage of sexual harassment set to saxophone music. Likewise, I too was unnerved enough by just this much good behaviour from men online.

Social media is being blown up not only with women speaking of their experiences, but also with men speaking up for the women who have suffered. And I was glad to see that several men who did it were making themselves vulnerable and not doing it for brownie points - like Weinstein (grossly) participating in the Women's March earlier this year.

A few years ago, sports journalist Pat Caputo surmised that "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" might be "the most overused words in the English language". We need to see this go further so that we can challenge the dominant and harmful models of masculinity that underpin men's use of violence against others. Some men have already started such discussions with #HowIWillChange or #IDidIt, calling for men to share how they will help tackle the culture of sexual harassment. She aims to give victims of all kinds of traumas opportunities to talk about their experiences: "There are ways that we need to have those kinds of conversations-and not just when a celebrity gets caught". At the same time we don't want to discourage men from saying it happened to them.

Today, however, I'm compelled to confront a very personal and private elephant in the media room.

Jesse T Smith @JSmith4Congress #HowIWillChange I will keep showing my 3 sons and one grandson how to honor & respect women. I'm bothered by the thought that, in spite of my protesting at the Women's March and giving to Planned Parenthood and treating people with respect - hopefully, anyway - there are nearly certainly other "minor" incidents from my past I've completely forgotten.

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