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Taylor Swift took time off to reinvent herself

02 Setiembre 2017, 08:35 | Fidele Alvizo

Taylor Swift took time off to reinvent herself

Taylor Swift Is ‘Excited’ To Show Off New Boyfriend Joe Alwyn At Best Friend’s Wedding

A gaudy looking Taylor Swift lies in the car's driver's seat, clutching onto a single Grammy in the midst of the auto wreck.

What started out as a social media blackout has instantaneously flared into excitement and anticipation.

Ironically, earlier in August, Swift secured what was hailed as a feminist victory by winning a lawsuit against a DJ who allegedly groped her in 2013.

Billboard reports that the song - the lead release from Swift's new album "Reputation" - is poised to make a huge debut at No. 1 on next week's Hot 100 chart.

Up until now Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn have barely been seen together, and it looks like things are going to stay that way. Sob.

If you thought the diamonds in Taylor Swift's diamond bath were fakes, you've got a lot to learn about Swift! The New York Times reported that the video had 24 million views by Monday, Aug. 28, just one day after its release during MTV's Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift's latest track "Look What You Made Me Do" bites back at her critics.

"I think she is trying to portray that she is much different now than she ever has been".

Whether people enjoyed the song or didn't, Swift has succeeded in stirring up conversation and making her re-introduction back into the music industry a memorable one. She bopped around the stage to her song "Homemade Dynamite" but did not actually sing.

The music video for the song, "Look What You Made Me Do", opens with an image of a gravestone. In it, Snooki picks up the phone and tells Angelina's friend that she can't come to the phone, 'cause "she's dead". If that wasn't bad enough, a new scheme hatched between Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster may bring the ultimate price of concert tickets to a brand new level. In fact, the 34-year-old said that her most-played song at the time was the 27-year-old 2008 hit, "Love Story".

At the end, she is dressed up as 14 former versions of herself, one being the nerdy girl from "You Belong With Me", another as the ballet dancer from "Shake It Off", along with her 2009 VMAs self where West dissed her and their drama began. I thank you for the perspective. She was hired to write professionally at the age of 14, while the rest of us were debating whether or not to stuff our bras and wishing someone would ask us to freshman homecoming.

In my opinion, "Look What You Made Me Do" didn't live up to its vehement hype.

Swift spent part of that time working on her new album. I'm a gigantic Beyoncé fan.

Yeah, many people have been tweeting me, "She supports Trump!"

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