May 27, 2018

Protesters in St. Louis face off with police in riot gear

16 Setiembre 2017, 04:07 | Bibiana Flor

Protesters in St. Louis face off with police in riot gear

Protesters in St. Louis face off with police in riot gear

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Anthony Lamar Smith, our police, judge, prosecutor, our citizens who find no comfort or justice, and everyone involved in this hard case", she said in a statement.

Stockley emerges from the SUV and fires five shots into Smith's auto, killing him. At Stockley's direction, the driver of the police auto slammed into Smith's vehicle and they came to a stop, court documents said.

Wilson agreed to waive a jury trial and decide the case against St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley over the objection of prosecutors, writing that, "after 28 years serving as a trial judge, the Court is confident in its own judgment and analytical abilities".

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens said earlier this week the state's National Guard had been activated to safeguard city residents and property.

Deliberations wrapped up August 9; since Stockley waived his right to a jury, his fate was ultimately decided by the presiding judge. "So, no justice, no peace", the 44-year-old St. Louis resident said. Instead, she said, the city's preparations with barricades and a heightened police presence showed her that they knew what the verdict would be. Police dashcam video captures Stockley saying, "going to kill this (expletive), don't you know it", in the midst of the chase. They asserted a "kill shot" was sacked at close range and struck Smith in the shoulder. Stockley's lawyer defended his client's statement, chalking it up to typical "human emotion" during a high pressure situation.

Stockley's attorney, Neil Bruntrager, said the ex-officer on Friday was relieved and would seek to rebuild his life. After leaving the police force in 2013, Stockley eventually relocated to Houston.

Did Officer Stockley Plant a Gun?

. Activists vowed mass disruption like the sort seen during the Ferguson, Missouri, protests if Stockley wasn't handed a guilty verdict. Protesters called for police resignations and an economic boycott on St. Louis.

The protests have been "for the most part" nonviolent, police said.

In recent years grand juries have chosen not to charge officers involved in the shooting of Michael Brown and the choking death of Eric Garner in NY, both unarmed. The officer wasn't charged but later resigned.

It's inconceivable to Wilson that the gun was not visible in the limited available cell phone footage, or hidden elsewhere on Stockley's person than one of the places he enumerates.

A two-minute chase begins. As they seek to corner Smith, he drives away and Stockley fires seven shots at his auto. That's where he was seen going back and forth between the restaurant and his auto; Stockley testified that he saw what he believed to be a drug sale. He is then seen going back to Smith's auto and entering the vehicle twice for several moments.

"The gun was a plant", Steele said.

Courtney Kelsey and Taliba Strickland, of St. Louis, held a sign that read "Unarmed citizen - please don't kill me". A case in OH twice ended with hung juries, and prosecutors have decided not to seek a third trial.

Stockley escaped what could have been a lengthy prison sentence despite the fact that he was recorded on an internal video camera during the pursuit saying he meant to kill Anthony Lamar Smith.

Smith was 24, a new dad and engaged to be married when he was killed. The officer, Jason Stockley, had maintained he shot at Anthony Lamar Smith five times because he thought Smith was reaching for a gun, but prosecutors argued Stockley planted the gun in Smith's Buick after it crashed.

The Defense: After the chase, Stockley ordered Smith to show his hands for 15 seconds, and Smith did not comply.

Demonstrators quickly gathered Friday near the courthouse to protest the verdict, though police said they so far had been peaceful.

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