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Products You Need From Rihanna's Brand New Fenty Beauty Collection

09 Setiembre 2017, 12:12 | Fidele Alvizo

Products You Need From Rihanna's Brand New Fenty Beauty Collection

Products You Need From Rihanna's Brand New Fenty Beauty Collection

As someone who's spent her fair share of time sat in the make-up chair, it's pretty safe to say that she's fully invested in creating something that works for everything, be it a first date, a lit night, or even just a selfie. We are women and we have challenges.

"I want women all over the world to feel great".

And she did make it happen!

It was a solemn moment on what was an otherwise festive occasion, as Rihanna launched the beauty brand that has had social media buzzing for weeks with its hints at celebrating diversity.

Rihanna explained at the launch.

And now, on the eve of Fenty Beauty Day - and the same day that she posted the complete collection of forthcoming products - Rihanna landed another magazine cover in which she is rocking one of her own highly-anticipated beauty products.

Having a wide range of shades was Rihanna's top priority when it came to developing "things girls could fall in love with of all skin tones".

Would we be reaching if we said Rihanna does the absolutely most? In the spread, many A-listers dropped some of the most scintillating questions, including one by magician David Copperfield who asked where she'd want to go if he made her disappear and reappear anywhere in the world.

Rounding it all out is a series of tools, including a makeup sponge ($16), a foundation brush ($34), a highlight brush ($32), and three magnetic portable brushes ($24) for highlighting, touching up powder, and contouring/concealing. The whole collection is about the skin, with foundations, contour sticks, shimmer sticks, highlighter palettes and more all featured.

"It's important young girls know that it's okay to eat the things they like and that's why body shaming makes me so angry. It doesn't really worry me personally, but I hate the message it sends", she told Grazia.

Products can be purchased on Fenty Beauty's official website and at Sephora locations across the globe and online. Rihanna. And we were all early. People-the regular ones and the beauty influencers-are glad Rihanna is making makeup. "Her biggest memory growing up was how she looked when she did her makeup the first time for a beauty pageant and it was foundation, she really wanted everybody to feel that feeling she felt when she had her first trial".

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