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Order an iPhone 8 now or wait for the iPhone X?

16 Setiembre 2017, 03:20 | Bibiana Flor

KGI cuts its Apple iPhone X shipping estimates for Q3 and all of 2017

Apple exec Craig Federighi took to the stage today at the Steve Jobs Theater to demonstrate the facial recognition capabilities of the firm¿s highly-anticipated $1,000 iPhone X. But embarrassingly FaceID didn¿t work on first attempt

(Web Desk) - A number of people on social media have complained that Apple s latest future smartphone device, iPhone X is too expensive and beyond the reach of common people, priced at United States dollars 1000 after release.

And that's no surprise, given that the iPhone X represents a major overhaul from its predecessors, enough that CEO Tim Cook called it the "future of the smartphone". And the third, known as the iPhone X, comes with a revamped design and new features, like a better display, that could attract customers. As expected, the iPhone X, which comes with wireless charging, OLED screen, and Face ID has been exorbitantly priced in India too.

The technology is there to support fast-charging through wireless chargers.

What's interesting is that Apple is already using USB-C charging technology on nearly every MacBook already.

Finally, Apple's brilliant wireless headphones, AirPods, have been updated with an optional charging case (price to be announced), which has wireless charging built in.

According to TechCrunch, Apple will only allow one face to be used per Face ID account.

In the world of Android, nearly all companies that advertise the fast charging in a phone or sell a phone with fast charging feature, also bundle a fast charger and relevant cable with the phone. The fingerprint sensor placement is bad on all three Samsung flagships this year, mind you, but then again the iPhone X doesn't even have one.

iPhone X sports a unique "FaceID" facial recognition system to unlock the device. Identical twins could unlock each other's phone; Apple suggests people with a twin use a passcode. It's a two-way street, or really an all-way crosswalk.

However, if you already own an iPhone 7 Plus, do not bother getting your hands on the device. After the official launch, consumers may start choosing which among the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X they will want to purchase.

Samsung is simply returning the favor.

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