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Obamacare repeal is dead

28 Setiembre 2017, 11:18 | Bibiana Flor

Greg Nash

Dem senator GOP tax plan is 'far-right Republican scheme' for wealthy

Withholding final judgment on GOP legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act and remake the Medicaid system, Sen.

"Nothing inhibits recovery from cancer like stress", the Texas Republican told "Fox & Friends" Monday.

Murkowski has remained uncommitted, saying she's studying the bill's impact on Alaska. Those are all states where senators are either undecided or have indicated their opposition to the bill that would repeal and replace most of former President Barack Obama's health care law. The Maine moderate also criticized a provision letting states make it easier for insurers to raise premiums on people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Despite the hard odds in fulfilling their seven-year drive to kill Obamacare, some key Senate Republicans were pushing to forge ahead. It would also change the open-ended entitlement structure of Medicaid, instead giving states money on a per-capita basis. There's an - organizing a demonstration in ME outside one of Senator Collins's offices.

Collins said the eleventh-hour revision "epitomizes the problems" with the GOP-only process.

Collins announced her decision shortly after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said "millions" of Americans would lose coverage under the bill and projected it would impose $1 trillion in Medicaid cuts through 2026.

Kentucky was one of 31 states that expanded its Medicaid program under the current law. And people from both parties would be able to propose changes.

Sen. Mitch McConnell told Republicans in a closed-door meeting the vote will not happen. They face a September 30 deadline, at which point special rules that prevent a Democratic filibuster will expire. And there are three other senators who've made it clear they have doubts - Rand Paul, who right here on NPR this week said he's opposed to it mostly because the bill doesn't repeal the taxes that were created by Obamacare.

McCain will still likely be a "no" vote on Graham-Cassidy because the bill is not going through regular order.

It was wrong, he said, to pass such far-reaching legislation without input from the Democrats, and said the bill demanded extensive hearings, debate and amendment. "But that has not been the case", McCain said.

Democrats, who are pushing for bipartisan talks in the Senate health committee, have said that they are on guard and will keep up the pressure. "Not understanding the implications, I think, has people really nervous". Rand Paul of Kentucky said he will vote no, and Susan Collins of ME was leaning against passage.

The GOP's predicament was summed up bluntly by Sen.

The bill's supporters might be eager to avoid a CBO score. Opposition from any one of them would scuttle the bill regardless of how Collins eventually decides to vote. Susan Collins (R-Maine) - became the deciding votes in the bill's defeat on the Senate floor.

The president was somewhat fatalistic about the prospects of the new GOP healthcare push, which has revolved around legislation known as the Graham-Cassidy bill.

The Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill proposed by Senator Lindsay Graham, a Republican from SC and Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, is the latest Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. John McCain cast a dramatic late-night thumbs down to kill the previous repeal bill, McConnell was unable to corral the 50 "Ayes".

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