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New GoPro Hero6 Black and Fusion 360 Camera Announced

29 Setiembre 2017, 01:55 | Verda Sainz

New GoPro Hero6 Black and Fusion 360 Camera Announced

New GoPro Hero6 Black and Fusion 360 Camera Announced

GoPro is back with a bunch of new cameras. The company claims compared to the Hero 5 Black, the new camera will perform better in low light. That improvement will come at a steep price: the company's newest flagship camera will retail for $499, a hundred bucks more than its predecessor. But, by and large, investors knew what to expect and weren't particularly thrilled with what they saw when GoPro actually unveiled the new lineup on Thursday. Woodman demonstrated the tool by shooting static footage of a skateboarder passing by; he then created a video where the camera appears to zoom in and out, and pan to follow the subject across the skatepark. It'll join the equally new Hero6 Black.

It's that improvement that we're most excited about at Outside. It also features "the most advanced video stabilization ever achieved in a GoPro", the company said. The camera also expands the number of available voice controls that launched with the Hero5.

The Karma drone is compatible with Hero6 Black, and it can now automatically follow you around, keeping you framed in a shot.

GoPro HERO6 Black will be priced at RM2,399 and is available for purchase at all authorised dealers nationwide.

GoPro Fusion is clearly aimed directly at other affordable 360VR platforms such as the Insta 360 ONE.

GoPro also announced its 360-degree camera for consumers - the Fusion and some new features to the Karma drone, both of which were announced at $699 (about Rs 45,700) and $799 (about Rs 52,300).

Overcapture is something GoPro has been talking about for months, but the company showed it off to customers in the launch presentation.

Whilst previous GoPro cameras have shot video in 4K, clearly, the company has listened to feedback from athletes and sports users, which requested a higher frame rate. The model has a full range of sensors including Global Positioning System, an accelerometer, and a compass.

This device features built-in image stabilization, audio captures and works underwater. The correct version of this report can be viewed at It will also include the Fusion Grip, which is a tripod/selfie stick. When mounted on an extension pole, the Fusion's unique angle of view cuts out the actual pole and looks just like a cameraman was following a few feet from the action, a feature called "angel mode".

Fusion Studio software syncs with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

It can also shoot 1080p at 240fps for extreme slow motion playback. Its products include Cameras; Drone and image stabilization; Virtual reality; Mounts and accessories; Applications, and Services.

GoPro Fusion sells at $699.99 (Rs 45,000 approx) and it is now available for pre-order on company's website in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union.

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