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How Germany's election shake-up could change its economy

29 Setiembre 2017, 03:34 | Bibiana Flor

How Germany's election shake-up could change its economy

How Germany's election shake-up could change its economy

The SPD leadership, rather than resign, pinned blame on its partnership with the CDU-explaining why they refuse to join a CDU-led coalition now. Reports have already emerged the FDP party are set to be a thorn in the side for both Angela Merkel and could be a real problem for the Euro.

One reason for the difference is that Germany does not have a party in play like NZ First that keeps its cards so close to its chest before the election. However, many Germans still worry about those demons growing larger now that they have a national platform.

Significantly, immigration was the single biggest issue in the election after Ms Merkel's 2015 decision to allow around 1.3 million refugees to enter Germany in a much-lauded humanitarian gesture.

The goal is clear: CDU continues its attempt to attract voters from right-wing AfD, and for this it is trying to win conservative and nationalist votes. This brought about protestors who gathered outside the right-wing anti-Islam party's headquarters in Berlin.

"The extreme-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is now the third strongest party, riding on the unhappiness over the sudden influx of refugees", he wrote. Demonstrations were also held in Cologne and Frankfurt.

Mrs Merkel's conservative alliance - between the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister Bavarian party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) - recorded its worst result in nearly 70 years. With just 20.5% of the vote, a party that governed Germany intermittently since the Second World War has dropped off the political radar.

Policy on Europe is one area where the FDP differs from Merkel's conservatives and the Greens, though the Free Democrats have made some conciliatory noises since Sunday's election.

Of further concern for Merkel is that the election results indicate that the German citizenry is not at all pleased with the direction she is taking Germany.

Merkel's likely last term as Chancellor will require her to put in place a pragmatic energy policy, step up investment in infrastructure and education, and increase Germany's security capabilities.

She now faces months of coalition talks to try to form a stable government.

On their side, the Social Democrats (SPD) had their poorest election results since 1949. The Social Democratic Union, CDU's partner, suffered a historic loss and will move to the opposition.

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