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Family desperate to help loved ones trapped in Puerto Rico

28 Setiembre 2017, 09:41 | Azura Castelo

Family desperate to help loved ones trapped in Puerto Rico

Family desperate to help loved ones trapped in Puerto Rico

She doesn't drive around much because she is trying to save the gasoline in the family car. He was running out of formula, and then there was the heat and humidity and the insects that come with it. Mosquito bites still cover part of Mateo's cheeks and arms. They're all items he says are in high demand. In the countryside, rescuers must hack through jungles to get to isolated homes.

Olga Martinez is 65 and her daughter stayed in San Juan, working at the incident command center.

All told, 147 city employees have been sent to help.

Otherwise, Ortiz-Olivieri is exchanging brief texts with her father in San Juan, out of concern for conserving his battery life.

They carry kits like a 50-pound "Thomas Pack" on their backs and start treating the most critical patients.

Puerto Rico officials reported Monday that the death toll from the hurricane had climbed to 16.

Staff Sgt. Derek Rigney is a security specialist with the CRG. "For five hours, you have to stand in line in the sun just to get one bag of ice".

"This is the unit I have been looking for my entire career", he said. Power is out across the island.

"We're stuck here. There's no phone to call people, there's no water, there's no ice, there's no nothing", said Navarro, 26.

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American Airlines, which usually flies approximately 20 daily flights out of San Juan, operated just two on Tuesday and planned to operate only two more Wednesday. "We have no communication in that area".

Tonight, people in Springfield spent the night collecting anything they could and loading it up on truck bound for the island. "My wheels are always turning". "We'll do whatever needs to be done".

"Every mission, we are serving the interests of the U.S. government, but this one?" Especially in a U.S. territory.

"We are doing so great here, we are blessed, but our people they are not doing so well", said Lydia Dingui of East Hartford.

Charter, military and cargo planes are also delivering supplies for FEMA.

She considers herself among the lucky ones - at least she's heard from her loved ones. "So you have to get creative". Four are going full. Guests are asked to bring food, household items, or cash that will go to charities such as Global Giving, Operation USA, Direct Relief, El Paso Community Foundation, and the Connecticut Food Bank.

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