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Facebook, Twitter, Google Invited for November 1 Senate Hearing

29 Setiembre 2017, 03:23 | Verda Sainz

Facebook, Twitter, Google Invited for November 1 Senate Hearing

Russia's President Vladimir Putin smiles in the Novo Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow

One of the group's memes also claimed Sen. According to Politico, Senate investigators are going to be asking questions about how tweets contributed news coverage, as well as: "What, if anything, did Twitter do to addressbots once it had identified them as potentially malicious?" Facebook's review of Russian efforts on its platform focused on a timeframe from June 2015 to May 2017.

"There is no indication Stein, Sanders or Trump was aware of the advertisements", the Politico report said. How did they have that level of specificity? Both panels are investigating the scope of alleged Kremlin interference in the US election, a charge Moscow has denied.

But Facebook isn't the only social media company the committee needs to speak with, Burr said.

Facebook's ability to target ads has made it a powerful platform for advocacy groups and candidates.

The Senate's intelligence committee is expected to ask whether disinformation spread by Russian Twitter accounts - meant to disparage Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign - entered legitimate Twitter news stories. Federal officials have expressed concern that Kremlin-linked entities may have tried to game Google's algorithm to shape the search results of voters seeking political news and information.

"I think we need to understand how they keep their records, whether they know who's been utilizing their platforms", King told CNN.

Twitter TWTR.N officials on Thursday briefed US congressional investigators probing how Russian-backed internet trolls, bots and targeted ads may have been used on the microblogging site to influence last year's election.

The Black Lives Matter ad targeted toward Baltimore and Ferguson, which sources discussed with CNN on the condition of anonymity, was one of a small handful of ads presented to congress earlier this month.

Facebook has already voiced willingness to hand over all the 3,000 ads to congressional investigators.

Federal Bureau of Investigation is continuing the investigation into alleged Donald Trump's collision with Russia to influence the result of the election, although Trump and Russian authorities have repeatedly denied it.

The meetings with technology companies have so far been closed to the public, but both the House and Senate intelligence committees are planning to hold public hearings about the use of online tools in connection with efforts to influence the election.

The Senate and House intelligence committees are two of the main congressional panels probing allegations that Russian Federation sought to interfere in the USA election to boost Trump's chances at winning the White House, and possible collusion between Trump associates and Russian Federation.

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