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Face ID on iPhone X limited to one recognized face per-device

16 Setiembre 2017, 04:23 | Verda Sainz

Face ID on iPhone X limited to one recognized face per-device

Apple's new iPhone models are lacking a pretty big feature

In a statement, FaceTec lauded the iPhone X for "clearing the path for immediate, widespread adoption of password-free 3D face authentication".

Face ID is revolutionary, says technologist Andreas Gal, because it is the first 3-D facial recognition system brought to the mainstream.

All of those that watched Apple's launch event on Tuesday will be well aware of the moment that the first demo of the new Face ID feature failed to work.

Separately, Apple's Craig Federighi has revealed a coupled of details about Face ID in reply to a mail by Keith Krimbel, who is a product designer. Firstly, if you don't stare at the phone, it won't unlock, and presumably that means you need to have your eyes open.

While the system itself might have issues that are unique to it such as security and hacking as well as other legal protection problems regarding biometrics, there are companies that have already created supposed "solutions" to guard users' privacy against Face ID's "threats".

Face ID is sophisticated enough to work in the dark, and to learn your face under different circumstances - so go ahead and wear those funky glasses or grow that hipster beard. The chances of someone else breaking into an iPhone using Face ID was one in a million, 40 times less likely than its current fingerprint mechanism Touch ID, according to Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

"The bio-lockout that I experience on stage would require several interactions by other people with your phone (where they woke up the phone)".

Facebook and Google have been doing facial recognition for years to help users better tag faces in photos. These are, in order from left to right, an IR camera, an IR emitter that Apple calls a "Flood Illuminator", a structured light emitter aka "Dot projector" and the front-facing camera.

Face ID is one of the big talking points coming off the back of the iPhone X announcement this week. And that, in turn, suggests the company may be interested in reviving it on a future device, even if it does continue with Face ID - and maybe even in that device's display.

What's more, the iPhone 8 comes in a pretty blush gold color that isn't available with iPhone X models. The A11 Bionic chip's machine learning algorithms can also "learn" your face, recognising you even if you change your appearance, says Apple. Face ID's off to a rocky start.

Apple's recently unveiled iPhone X is reportedly only able to remember one face at at time with its new Face ID security system.

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