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Elon Musk says SpaceX will land cargo ships on Mars in 2022

29 Setiembre 2017, 01:48 | Azura Castelo

Elon Musk says SpaceX will land cargo ships on Mars in 2022

Elon Musk says SpaceX will land cargo ships on Mars in 2022

Musk spent much of the talk going into technical details about the BFR's design, including the use of lightweight carbon composite tanks, efficient engines and autonomous rendezvous and docking technology. And in 2024, BFR (Big F Rocket) will go to Mars with the crew.

"It's 2017. I mean, we should have a lunar base by now", Musk said.

Of course, this would be a quite enticing proposal coming from SpaceX, particularly at a time when space agencies like NASA might have already drafted similar plans, but are realistically decades away from even coming close to revealing them with a feasible timetable.

Fuel would need to be produced on Mars to send the BFR back to Earth. To get around this SpaceX is developing an automated rendezvous and docking system that allows a pilot to simply "press go and it [the spaceship] will dock".

Elon Musk's plan isn't just to take people to Mars, he is aiming for a sustainable life there.

His BFR, although still massive, is now a little smaller at 106m in height and 9m in width.

For comparison Falcon Heavy is 70m tall and 12m wide. The lower parts of the rocket will be used for its propellant: 860 tons of liquid oxygen, with methane to help propel the vehicle through its flight. The length of the ship will be 48 meters, useful weight - 85 tons.

Key to his thinking is the concept of reusability. Musk knows how to launch a rocket economically, but we're still describing the act of sending a ship through Earth's atmosphere for tens of millions per launch. But instead of sending astronauts to Mars, it'll whizz the rest of us across the globe.

Musk, chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla Inc.

In recycling the Falcon 9 rockets - whereas its competitors' are forced to build new ones for every launch - the company has managed to achieve an economy of business which others have not. "And we believe we can do this with the revenue we receive from launching satellites and servicing the space station".

We should have a lunar base by now.

Elon Musk has unveiled his ambitious plans to make city-to-city travel by rocket a reality. Mars is a bit trickier.

The CEO of private company, SpaceX, says he wants to send humans to Mars and expedite Earth travel, all with the same rocket.

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