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Dreamers in Columbus are hopeful after President Trump's latest DACA remarks

16 Setiembre 2017, 07:33 | Bibiana Flor

Trump open to Dreamers relief legislation without wall funding: aide

Administration Hints That Trump Would Work With Dems on DACA

But the president's recent meetings with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer of NY and Nancy Pelosi of California, and tweets suggesting that he wants to find a solution, provide an avenue to pass legislation written and endorsed by the Miami Republicans. We're going to get massive border security as part of that.

The House passage of the bill comes amid negotiations between President Trump and Congressional Democrats over the status of Dreamers-children brought to the United States by their parents who received temporary protection from deportation under President Obama.

Sanders said, "The president is clear about what his priorities are all along".

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, reacting to an Associated Press report, tweeted late Wednesday: "If AP is correct, Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond fix".

What brought down this wrath?

In Florida, he emphasized that construction of a wall at the United States southern border - a key plank of his 2016 presidential campaign - is not negotiable.

Rep. Steve King, arguably the most anti-immigration member of Congress, tweeted Wednesday night that if this agreement is struck, "Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond fix".

All hell broke loose.

"The Trump administration will not be discussing amnesty", she said.

President Donald Trump surprised everyone recently when he chose to side with Congressional Democrats in supporting a short-term debt ceiling increase, despite his own party's opposition.

To Trump's base, the deal was not an equal trade.

Obama failed to protect the DACA program because it was Congress who was supposed to help out the Americans people. The border wall, however, would not be part of those negotiations.

Early response from conservatives indicated their loyalty to Trump did not go so far as to allow them to embrace his immigration pact with the Democrats.

Representative Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said the DREAM Act had too many legislative hurdles to overcome and that there were other compassionate options. "It would be more like a con job". "Here's what I told him".

So what did Trump try to get for not including the wall? She later added, 'BUILD THE WALL!

While Yang and many in Washington call DACA unconstitutional, the ACLU, among other groups, argues President Obama acted within the scope of an executive order. But Trump remains committed to building a barrier along the U.S. "We're looking at allowing people to stay here".

"It would be useful to take some of the pressure off some of the parties, particularly these good educated young people that the president is speaking about with such admiration", Garaufis said.

Trump tweeted that he is demanding "massive" border security.

"At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?" conservative commentator Ann Coulter remarked over Twitter.

Laura Ingraham, the editor-in-chief of LifeZette and the host of "The Laura Ingraham Show", ridiculed the idea of secure fencing. "Really!" he tweeted Thursday". "Crickets", said Ingraham, indicating the base does not care about "border security" and fencing. "As we said last night, there was no final deal", Schumer and Pelosi said in a joint statement. "No new taxes." That was in 1988.

The lawsuit notes that the majority of immigrants eligible for DACA are from Mexico, and Trump has made many statements hostile to Mexicans, including attacking a judge of Mexican descent and falsely linking Mexican immigrants to crime, drugs and rape. "I was confused, I didn't know what to expect", Bertran said. "If all the Dreamers were his sons- and daughters-in-law I'd feel OK, but they're not related to the man, so forgive me for being a little cynical still about how we move forward". "Now he appears to be backtracking on that to soothe some".

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