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DC family moves to Virgin Islands before Hurricane Irma

16 Setiembre 2017, 02:14 | Bibiana Flor

Sir Richard is taking stock after last week’s storm

Sir Richard is taking stock after last week’s storm

DoD expects to complete evacuating US citizens from St. Martin and is coordinating the evacuation of USA citizens from the British Virgin Islands, the statement said.

Briton Claudia Knight said her partner Leo Whitting, 38, was stranded on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands archipelago. "But I feel we didn't have that support".

Government officials and local residents alike are reporting the damage as catastrophic, and saying it will be months before the islands are able to recover.

He said the "story is about the a huge number of individuals who have lost their homes and their vocations".

Thousands were left without power from the massive storm surges and 185 miles per hour winds on their way to wreak havoc in Key West and South Florida. So she and her friends were purchasing all the supplies they could in Puerto Rico, to be sent by boat to the island. "Our strong preference is to keep the event in the Virgin Islands if at all possible".

John Nash, who has a home in Baltimore and in St. John, will be aboard the plane Friday.

Still, St. John resident Stephanie Stevens emphasized the islanders' resilience.

They arrived home with "lots of great memories but also recollections of "lots of trying and challenging times", Schweiger said". Two people died on the French islands of St. Martin and St. Barthelemy.

Necker’s buildings were tossed around by last week’s hurricane
Necker’s buildings were tossed around by last week’s hurricane

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the British government "should have acted much faster", and those with relatives in hurricane-hit areas said they had not been supported. But its sister island of Barbuda to the north was devastated. For now, Vann said he isn't focusing on his house or the other properties his company has built.

And I have to say to the people of the Virgin Islands those who are victims and those who are working this disaster that we need to get our expectations back to a modicum of reality.

Carnival Cruise Lines is leading "several efforts to provide relief", a representative told CNBC, "with 11 of its ships making 36 deliveries throughout the region".

The Orange was scheduled to take on Wisconsin, Vanderbilt and George Washington Nov. 23-25 on St. Thomas.

After traveling back to the territory and seeing first-hand the destruction Hurricane Irma has done to our Virgin Islands, I know that the sooner we receive federal dollars flowing to us, the quicker our recovery can begin.

Following the passage of Hurricane Luis in 1995, which killed at least 15 people in the Caribbean and damaged 60 percent of housing on St. Martin, the U.S. National Hurricane Center estimated the cost to St. Martin alone at $1.8 billion.

And in St. Thomas, Jenny Hawkes, executive director of the nonprofit My Brother's Workshop, said the agency and volunteers were giving out food to hundreds of people over the last few days through donations from the organization, the Salvation Army, private entities and even local restaurants.

"The people of Puerto Rico - what big hearts you guys got because our (local) government did nothing - nothing", said William Vonfabrice, 61, from St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Vann said he and other organizers want to drum up awareness of the island residents' plight. St. Thomas has a population of around 52,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. "We are still American citizens down there - don't forget about us".

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