May 27, 2018

Actor Harry Dean Stanton dead at 91

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Actor Harry Dean Stanton of'Twin Peaks''Pretty in Pink and'Paris Texas' Dies at 91

Stanton had been playing mostly bit parts until that point, but Shepard spotted him in a Santa Fe bar while they were both in town for a film festival and offered him the role of the protagonist, Travis, a silent loner with an estranged family. He performed for years with The Harry Dean Stanton Band.

Stanton's first broadcast appearance was in 1954 on an episode of the NBC show "Inner Sanctum".

Joss Whedon, who directed Stanton's small part in The Avengers, shared an emotional black-and-white photo of the actor. Stanton was even the best man at Nicholson's 1962 wedding to Sandra Knight.

Early on in his career, Stanton was often picked up to play intimidating crooks or ill-tempered sidekicks on television shows like Bat Masterson, Johnny Ringo, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The Rifleman, The Untouchables, and U.S. Marshal. Then I finally got old enough to watch Alien and saw a much darker side of him before Brett was forever silenced by a Xenomorph.

He had a high-profile role as manipulative cult leader Roman Grant on HBO polygamy drama Big Love, which ran from 2006-11, and recently appeared as Carl Rodd in the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime.

Stanton's newest film Lucky, in which he plays an atheist forced to confront his own mortality, comes to theaters on September 29. Ultimately, Stanton decided it was "too much work" to be a leading man. Asked how he wanted to be remembered, his answer was, "Doesn't matter".

"Everyone loved him, and with good reason".

Stanton, who never lost his Kentucky accent, said his interest in movies was piqued as a child when he would walk out of every theater "thinking I was Humphrey Bogart".

Stanton said his religious philosophy was "closer to Taoism or Zen Buddism, because it's the most practical".

In a 2013 interview with The New Yorker, Stanton said, "When you're deep asleep and not dreaming, where the fuck are you?" When he buys her a dress to go to the dance, I am not ashamed to say I may have become a little teary eyed. "I don't want to deal with any consciousness afterward".

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