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50 immigrants arrested in Mass. as part of ICE operation

30 Setiembre 2017, 01:45 | Bibiana Flor

50 immigrants arrested in Mass. as part of ICE operation

50 immigrants arrested in Mass. as part of ICE operation

Arrests took place in Seattle, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Clara County in California, the state of MA and Washington D.C. Almost 90 of those people had been convicted of drunk driving, the most common offense.

Within the statement, ICE also insisted that it did not target any Dreamers, who are still protected under the DACA act.

Arrests are ongoing. In a four-day span ending Wednesday, 498 people-64% with criminal convictions-were arrested in a crackdown on so-called "sanctuary cities" like Los Angeles and Denver, reports the New York Times.

In a press release, ICE highlighted the most serious criminals caught.

The operation targeted cities and states where local and state police have said they will not help enforce US immigration law - for example, they will not hold people on immigration detainers or will not allow immigration officials to conduct interviews in their jails.

Slammed by critics as part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to instill fear in immigrant communities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says it has arrested almost 500 undocumented immigrants amidst raids conducted in sanctuary cities across the country. But philosophical objections, along with the fact local governments have to pick up the tab for these extended holdings, has spurred defiance.

Gov. Charlie Baker (R-Mass.) said he believes ICE should instead focus on arresting violent offenders.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese said that Sessions "refused to acknowledge" the 2014 court ruling against ICE detainers during the closed door meeting.

Arrests of undocumented but otherwise law-abiding immigrants spiked in New England during the first six months of Donald Trump's presidency, more than tripling from the same period a year ago. "It's all this culture war we are going through from the National Football League on down". And the category of immigrants with the fastest-growing number of arrests is that of "non-criminal immigration violators"-people with no criminal records". Immigration and Customs Enforcement - or ICE - targeted MA as part of a nation-wide crack-down on people in the country illegally who had also committed crimes.

"Operation Safe City can only be described as a deliberate retaliation against cities and communities who refuse to cooperate with a racist, xenophobic and white supremacist administration in violating people's rights", said representatives of Juntos, a Latino community organization. Any of the arrestees who have pending deportation orders, or who entered the United States illegally after being deported, may be immediately kicked out of the country, according to Schwab. Officials in San Jose, California, previously released from local custody before ICE could take him in to custody.

"ICE's goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners to help prevent unsafe criminal aliens from being released back onto the streets", he added. Local officials released her before ICE apprehended her in Baltimore.

ICE officials also said they're seeing an increase in resistance from aliens as they step up enforcement of the law.

"We're actually making the community safer". He said that makes as much sense as arguing that local police make their communities less safe by cooperating with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who is a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said Trump "is keeping his promise to the American people to secure the border, deport illegal immigrants, and fix an immigration system that has always been broken".

Reuters also found that immigrants' lives in the U.S. are more imperiled because those who were previously spared from deportation orders under the Obama administration are now seeing their cases reopened.

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