May 27, 2018

4 powerful reasons Hillary Clinton always wears her famous pantsuits

16 Setiembre 2017, 07:42 | Azura Castelo

4 powerful reasons Hillary Clinton always wears her famous pantsuits

4 powerful reasons Hillary Clinton always wears her famous pantsuits

But most losing presidential candidates don't write books about the experience.

"Over the last few weeks, Clinton has found herself back in the limelight in the run-up to the launch of her new book, What Happened".

"He could be helpful, if he so chose", Clinton said. In fact, to the average voter, she appears to be the exact opposite: cunning, dishonest and will do anything to be in power. "But the method by which we elect our president is such an issue".

Hundreds of one-star reviews for Hillary Clinton's new memoir have been removed from Amazon. Hillary Clinton is out of touch with today's youth, as ever.

"Millions of white people". "It was like having a conversation with robots?" Trump's message, she said, was "discriminatory, it was bigoted, it was prejudiced".

There are any number of reasons, of course, but two chief ones are her long history of finding it difficult to tell the truth, and her unwillingness to accept it.

Clinton told CNN that in the darkest moment of her marriage she resolved not to make "a decision that other people wanted me to make". In a report published last April, Facebook estimated that "information operations", defined as "actions taken by governments or organized non-state actors to distort domestic or foreign political sentiment", accounted for "less than one-tenth of a percent of the total reach of civic content" during last year's presidential campaign.

What Happened isn't just the name of Clinton's latest book, but the question that will haunt her forever. Give me a break.

She does not hold back in her criticism of Trump, branding her billionaire nemesis as an incompetent, unworthy, sexist "liar" in her book.

"Will we have a woman President?" "They have a 'working-class problem'". All on the up and up.

Why did so many Obama voters defect to Trump? It was curious happenstance, but somehow, the preponderance of ugly stories regarding his past only began pouring forth after he captured the nomination.

That is hardly a white nationalist agenda.

Clinton was clearly feeling defensive about her new piece of work and used another literary creation of hers to answer her former election rival. It can clear toxins and respiratory systems - "shodhana" translates to "purification" and "nadi" to "channels", so the intent of the practice is to cleanse different systems of the mind and body. When Clinton touted Obama's economic progress, she seemed hopelessly out of touch.

It would seem Clinton is not done fighting Trump just yet. Not only is she hated by Republicans and independents, she continues to fuel the ongoing civil war inside the Democratic Party by refusing to step off the stage.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced support for abolishing the U.S. Electoral College, the mechanism that awarded victory to President Donald Trump in November 2016.

Was she not paying attention to the landslide 2010 or 2014 elections?

Yoga in general, and yoga breathing practices, calm the mind and the body.

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