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Your view: Take a history lesson before tearing down statues

25 Agosto 2017, 04:23 | Fidele Alvizo

A crew takes down Confederate statues on the UT-Austin campus just after midnight on Monday Aug. 21 2017. Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune

A crew takes down Confederate statues on the UT-Austin campus just after midnight on Monday Aug. 21 2017

He, however, had not been aware that the statue had not been erected in the wake of the Civil War, but nearly sixty years later, in 1924, at the height of the "Lost Cause" movement. Roughly 50,000 books have been written on the subject.

The Civil War is a war that never ends, much to our dismay. They are part of our racial history as a nation.

Eventually, the losers of the war had been rehabilitated enough, and the legends had been so ingrained in our culture, that even our textbooks included the fantasy of states' rights and celebrated the military prowess of Confederate generals. Back in 2015, students protested in the wake of the massacre of nine black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina (the perpetrator was inspired by the Confederacy). The protests continued to escalate throughout the meeting and police removed three people, who were charged with disorderly conduct, as a result.

Look at this! What if in the USA we put up monuments and statues of Japanese who fought against America during World War II? As the events in Charlottesville proved, we're in no danger of forgetting that, either.

The discussion around the symbols began in earnest after the Charlston Church shooting in 2015, as white nationalist Dylann Roof was associated heavily with the confederate battle flag. In downtown Atlanta on August 13, masked protesters defaced the Gate City Guard Statue, also known as the Peace Monument, in Piedmont Park.

Deal supported and will soon oversee the unveiling of a new statue on the capitol grounds honoring civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Again, the answer is "no".

"Among other aspects, the one topic Northern and Southern leaders agreed upon was the subjugation of African Americans", said Ward, who teaches USA history at IC.

Those interested in the military tactics and underlying forces determining the war's outcome are already deeply familiar with the strategies of Stonewall Jackson, P.G.T. Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis. But when all those statues were put up, they were from a benefactor who was in the Confederacy, George Littlefield. No statue is required.

Shortly after Charlottesville, Virginia, leaders had the controversial statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee cloaked in a black tarp Wednesday, one protester came hoping to rip it off. We have tributes to those who fought to keep slavery as an American institution.

The uproar over statues of Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson has caused many cities and states, particularly in the South, to question these symbols of slave-owning traitors and white supremacy. It shows that when the citizens of our community speak that council does their best to listen. Failing that, they went to war. Confederates fought against "Union" troops carrying the "Stars and Stripes". Oklahoma is home to at least two dozen Confederate memorials and monuments, The Oklahoman's Ben Felder reported. This doesn't mean we are trying to erase history.

"CONFEDERATE STATUES don't belong in public".

When we reflect on what happened after 9/11, on enhanced interrogation and the prison at Guantanamo, we must acknowledge that the actors are Americans, also like you and me.

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