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Winning: North Korea Backs Down from Guam Threat

16 Agosto 2017, 06:20 | Bibiana Flor

The tweet appears to suggest that the President may be calming down his threats to destroy North Korea using the might of the U.S. military.

Trump's amped up rhetoric came after it was unveiled by USA intelligence that North Korea, who's long sought to have nuclear weapons, has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead that could fit in a missile warhead.

President Donald Trump issued his own warnings to North Korea, announcing that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's threats will be met with "fire and fury like nothing the world has ever seen".

In an interview with German newspaper group RND, Gabriel said the maneuvers "could lead to North Korea using the opportunity for renewed provocation, for example, by firing an intermediate-range missile at Guam".

After Trump's boisterous threats, the North Korean government responded by declaring that it was formulating plans to fire four missiles.

North Korea frequently calls joint military maneuvers between the US and South Korea as preparations for an invasion.

"The relevant parties should exercise restraint, in order to avoid aggravating the words and deeds of the tense situation on the Korean peninsula", foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chungying said on Monday.

But its proposal for North Korea to suspend its arms programmes in return for the United States to halt military drills in the region had been ignored. "Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!" According to Trump, it's time that someone stood up for the American citizens, and for the people of other countries.

"Given the long record of North Korea's dishonesty in negotiations and repeated violations of worldwide agreements, it is incumbent upon the regime to signal its desire to negotiate in good faith", they wrote.

The exercise began hours after Japan's defense minister said the Japanese military could shoot down North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles before they reach the USA territory of Guam.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, frequently a critic of the president, said he supported his approach to North Korea so far.

The White House said in a statement that the two leaders "agreed North Korea must stop provocative and escalatory behavior" and that they are both committed to the denuclearization of the peninsula.

Mattis told reporters that the U.S. military would know the trajectory of a missile within moments and would "take it out" if it looked like it would hit the U.S. Pacific territory.

Pompeo said that the US was, "not at an imminent risk of an attack taking place today" from North Korea.

Officials in Guam have said they are "ecstatic" after Pyongyang appeared to back away from its threat to target the U.S. territory, which is home to 163,000 people as well as a United States military base.

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