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Will you be viewing the solar eclipse?

08 Agosto 2017, 08:36 | Verda Sainz

SKYWATCH: Partial Lunar Eclipse tomorrow

Partial lunar eclipse 2017: How to capture the eclipse with your smartphone

Well, how about some questions answered by Angela Speck, Director of Astronomy at the University of Missouri.

The North Shreveport Branch, West Shreveport Branch and Means Shreveport Branch will also be hosting watch parties during the eclipse.

A lunar eclipse takes place only at full moon. "So the moon is moving fastest of the motions involved". Eclipse Begins - 10.52 pm; Maximum Phase of the Eclipse - 11.50 pm; Eclipse Ends - 12.50 am.Total Duration of the Eclipse Referring to Umbral and Penumbral Phases - 05h 1m.

One event is already scheduled for the eclipse on August 21 beginning at 11 Waubonsee Community College.

Observers in Africa, Asia and Australia would be able to see the partial eclipse in its entirety.

Usually, a few lunar eclipses happen each year.

Another related eclipse will occur on August 21, but that one will only be visible from the United States.

You can see a partial eclipse, where the moon covers only a part of the sun, anywhere in North America (see "Who can see it?"). The total eclipse will move from OR to SC and will be visible 14 states, including Tennessee. The total eclipse is only as bright as the full moon and not risky.

The phenomenon will not be observable until 1:22 a.m. Tuesday, when the moon is in the earth's penumbra - the part of a shadow where the light source, or the sun, is only partially blocked. The sun's light is blocked out during this time, causing it to get dark for a brief period. This bright reflection is called sun glint.

Historically, lunar eclipses have shocked and sparked fear among people, particularly during lunar eclipses with a blood red moon.

The solar eclipse of 2017 comes to an end in the D.C. region, along with most along the eastern half of the United States.

In addition to the eery twilight effect they cast over the earth, eclipses allow a rare glimpse at the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona - which is actually hotter than the surface of the sun.

The eclipse will be a new experience not just for most people, but for animals as well. "Then we get an eclipse". You can see the full list here. In Columbia, S.C. totality will begin at 2:41 p.m. and last for around three minutes. "It will be more than 60 degrees above the horizon".

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