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What's next for Jaime Lannister on 'Game of Thrones'?

10 Agosto 2017, 03:32 | Fidele Alvizo

However, while the above managed to blend into the background, Ed and his ginger locks were a blindingly obvious addition to the Game of Thrones cast, mainly because he is the first celebrity to actually get a speaking part. Jon Snow will face Drogo, and that interaction might tell Daenerys there's more to Jon Snow that meets the eye.

If Jamie survives his immersion in the lake at the end of the episode, and Daenerys takes him captive, having Tyrion there to interrogate him, and perhaps even try to convince him to switch sides, will be crucial. When we first met him, Qyburn was able to cure the Mountain of poisoning - if by cure you mean turn into a zombie warrior.

Matt Shakman, who directed the current season's fourth episode Spoils of War, which amazed viewers with its intense battle scenes, has hinted that the character was probably a victim of the fiery carnage. As much as the one-sided conversations between Jaime and the mute Payne are missed, especially considering the circumstances, the budding friendship between Jaime and Bronn has become one of the show's most welcome deviations from George R.R. Martin's source material.

He certainly didn't seem to be in any rush to swim back to the surface. Tyrion advised her to continue with the plan to blockade King's Landing, claiming it is the right course of action, to which Dany angrily exclaims: "The right plan?"

Where would Jaime go if he could? Basically, it could be either of them but more likely Varys 'cause... well, his history is kinda hard to ignore. How would Cersei react to Jaime's loss? It's so good, you'll want to rewatch it only to get goosebumps again. But....will it? Remember that Arya Stark still has to cross off her list and Cersei remains at the top of it. Is it possible he could join up with the Brotherhood without Banners or some other group of randoms? But, as great as Jaime's character is, it would be totally devastating if Drogon died. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. Moments later Tyrion spots his brother, Jaime.

We saw Dany looking fearsome in the preview for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 5 but, as they say, pictures paint a thousand words. Refusal will mean certain death.

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