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What to Look For When Buying Eclipse Glasses

12 Agosto 2017, 08:07 | Verda Sainz

Hindu holy men watch through specially designed viewing glasses in Allahabad India in 2009

Hindu holy men watch through specially designed viewing glasses in Allahabad India in 2009

The peak time for the eclipse over the SJCOE Campus on Transworld Drive will be at approximately 10:17 a.m. That will occur only along a narrow strip stretching from OR, through the Midwestern plains, down to SC. The closer you are to this path of total eclipse, the bigger the partial eclipse you will see.

"Unfortunately, when it comes to safety with a solar eclipse, 99.9 percent coverage means a 0.1 percent area of the sun that is still uncovered and is every bit as unsafe", Chou said.

"I understand we shouldn't look directly into the sun", she said. Eastern, if you want to be precise.

The two-page book features three diagrams showing the alignment of the sun, moon and earth; the different stages of the eclipse; and the eclipse's path of totality across 14 states from OR to SC. The eclipse will still be visible outside of this pathway, as a partial eclipse.

Science Central's gift shop is selling solar eclipse viewing cards for $1.99 each to the public and for $1 each for Science Central members. Untold millions more will see it streaming online, or via photos and videos posted to social media.

The total eclipse will last just 1 1/2 hours as the lunar shadow sweeps coast to coast at more than 1,500 mph (2,400 kph) beginning about 1:15 p.m. EDT and ending at 2:49 p.m. EDT.

Runyon said they realized there was nothing available for the visually impaired audience.

However, the timing of the eclipse is in the viewers' favor. Better yet, we are told to look for eclipse glasses, whatever they are. Krupp, with Griffith Observatory, said this will be the most promoted eclipse in history.

"We'll have glasses available for every student and staff so we can take advantage of this tremendous educational opportunity", he said Tuesday.

Yang said Kansas City, Kansas, has had a great tourism season so far this year, and this adds to it.

Places nearby the path of the total eclipse, like Washington state, experience the total eclipse.

The event team asked people planning to attend the free event to register.

It has been nearly 40 years since a total solar eclipse could be viewed from Seattle (AP).

Several libraries are giving away the glasses for free.

Bring a pair of solar viewing glasses. The eclipse will be visible here from about noon to 3 p.m. The CVB has its own eclipse website page at

On the Internet, you can go to and follow the links.

Staying home and looking at the solar eclipse in Wyandotte County? That the moon is an irregular body, and especially along the edge, along the outer rim during an eclipse, there are going to be mountains and valleys, and so depending on where the sun disappears from where you are, maybe it disappears behind a mountain, in which case the eclipse starts early for you. A total solar eclipse is a rare educational experience that doesn't cost anything, and that kids won't likely soon forget.

"It's going to be hard to beat, frankly", says Thomas Zurbuchen, head of NASA's science mission office.

Crowds frighten me, how can I watch this at home (or at work)?

Sarah Levesque of North Smithfield and her fellow atmospheric science majors are planning to drive south in search of the best spot to witness the eclipse on August 21.

The Bonner Springs City Library also has an eclipse program planned August 21, with a program in advance scheduled on August 16.

Americans from all sides of the political and cultural spectra will be there, because while the path of totality will primarily cross Donald Trump country - OR and IL are the only states in the path that went for Hillary Clinton in 2016 - the event is expected to attract tourists from all over the world, including many American travelers who will leave cities for rural areas.

For DSLR cameras, the best way to determine the correct exposure is to test settings on the uneclipsed Sun beforehand. Light filtering through the overlapping leaves of trees, creating natural pinholes, which will also create mini eclipse replicas on the ground.

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Eclipse do's & don't's when it comes to eye protection, photography
I have not seen any reports about ionospheric scintillation observations during eclipse (I might have missed them). You mean as far as indirect viewing? "It's a chance to experience space science without having to leave home".