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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Switches to Republican Party

04 Agosto 2017, 03:14 | Bibiana Flor

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Switches to Republican Party

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Switches to Republican Party

"He showed the country that our agenda rises above left or right", he said. Just last week, Justice rode in a limo with Trump as the president was in the state to talk to Boy Scouts. Mitch McConnell. Plus, the ever-more conservative West Virginia is a hotbed of Trump support. The industry and many of its workers have blamed the decline mostly on former President Barack Obama and his environmental policies.

If Justice moves across the aisle as reported, it would increase the advantage of Republican governors over Democrats to 34 to 15. It also means the GOP has "complete control of state governments in 26 states".

Manchin is very popular in the state that is solidly Republican in national races but split fairly evenly in statewide and local contests.

It will, however, be a shock for Senator Joe Manchin, the state's lone, stubborn Democrat in Congress.

Trump also talked about economic growth, which he said had surged to 2.6 percent nationwide and 3 percent in West Virginia. "If President Trump cut a deal, we hope it does not put USA taxpayers on the hook to bail out Jim Justice's personal finances". During his campaign for governor, Jim Justice said he would never lie to the public; he said he would never be a politician, and he would definitely be a full-time governor.

Instead of covering Justice's switch, ABC and NBC thought it more important to share a list of the most stolen auto models and details of a Boeing test flight, respectively.

He said he believes the country should defend its borders by building the wall on the southern border, which he said will combat the drug epidemic.

Jim Justice says he's switching parties to join the Republicans as President Donald Trump visited the increasingly conservative state. "He cares about us in West Virginia". "We are putting our coal miners back to work".

Justice attributed the switch to the actions of his old party rather than a change in his personal beliefs: "The Democrats walked away from me".

Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law, said in opening remarks: "When you hear the word 'Russia, ' let's keep something in mind here: The same people pushing this insane story about Russian Federation - and it's so insane, you have no idea - are the people who said there was no path for Donald Trump, the same people who gave us fake polls".

"I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that over the last two years, the Republican Party and myself in particular have attempted to hold Jim Justice accountable for various proposals and differences with the Republican Party", Lucas said. In 2015, Justice changed his party registration from Republican to Democrat and announced his bid to become the Democratic nominee for governor. Both governors confronting budget standoffs with their state legislatures during their first few months in office, with Justice facing intense pushback from members of his own party over his proposed tax hikes. I think more people are here with thousands outside than I had in the campaign.

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