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Trump Supporters Attack Republican Jeff Flake For Slamming President, Defending Obama

03 Agosto 2017, 08:34 | Bibiana Flor

The senator has written a new book in which he expresses concerns about what's become of conservative politics, and Politico published a striking op-ed from Flake yesterday in which the Arizona Republican says his party has been "in denial" about the dangers Trump poses. We need more people like him in Washington, not just the handful we already know (Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie.). "When will it stop?"

Flake also said liberals had their fair share of mistakes that contributed to Trump's rise, too. It has been evident in the repeated criticism of Trump's policies from Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose actions run contrary to his statements that he's not planning a second White House run after finishing third in the GOP contest last time.

The delays and defeats that have engulfed the GOP congressional agenda so far this year, and the chaos and controversy emanating almost every day from the White House, are part of a larger partisan story: The Republican elephant is hardly the trumpeting, stampeding beast it seemed to be after winning the trifecta (the House, Senate, and presidency) last November. His unfavorable ranking trailed only Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and fellow Arizona Republican Sen.

Stating the obvious when you have the power to do so much more is what passes for political courage these days.

The article has received a chunk of reaction. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., says in a new book. His approval ratings are in the gutter, and the White House is recruiting primary challengers to take him out. Or perhaps he's simply fed up.

"Rather than leaning in to the economy of the future, [Trump's] nativist vision would have us clambering to reclaim an economy of the past- an economy, by the way, that even if it were possible to somehow reconstitute would make no sense in the twenty-first century", wrote Flake.

Yet you behave like you've suddenly awakened to find President Trump looming over you, golf club in hand, ready to strike. But in the book Flake proudly claims to be a "globalist". Is it that somehow they've lost their way because they elected Donald Trump? His thesis is that conservatives have permitted the forces of populism, protectionism, and demagoguery - personified in Donald Trump - to take over Republican party politics for the short-term goal of winning elections. What Flake is doing is taking apart the argument at the heart of why so many conservatives supported Trump: Because he would enact something closer to their agenda than would Hillary Clinton. "While conservatives have sought to advance political aims through the Republican Party, the Republican Party has never been a truly conservative party".

Huckabee said he also disagrees with comments made by Sen.

In one of his latest tweets, Mr Trump wrote, "If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!"

Without any increase in his appeal to independents, the president might struggle to repeat his 2016 victory in a two-way race, since he might have trouble holding voters who backed him out of disdain for both parties and candidates. During the presidential race, when Cruz addressed the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland, where Trump accepted the nomination, he declined to endorse the billionaire real estate mogul and was essentially booed off stage by Trump supporters.

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