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Trump speaks with Guam's governor in extremely candid phone call

15 Agosto 2017, 07:10 | Bibiana Flor

Lobbing missiles toward Guam, a major US military hub in the Pacific, would be a deeply provocative act from the USA perspective, and a miscalculation on either side could lead to a military clash.

To be sure, North Korea's defiance has been around for decades and past USA administrations have been unable to do anything about it except adopting a policy of "strategic patience" and exerting pressure with more economic sanctions.

"At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula", Xi was quoted as saying.

In his own mind, Trump's intention may really be to use military force to deny North Korea the capability to threaten the United States with a nuclear-armed ICBM. Kim said he will give order for the missile test if the United States continues its "extremely unsafe actions" on the Korean Peninsula.

An American president has said this kind of thing before, although, it must be noted, he was actually in the act of waging a nuclear war.

North Korea's military said last week that it would finalise by mid-August its detailed plan to test-fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles in an "enveloping fire" around Guam and report it to its leader for approval.

If a missile is fired in the direction of Guam but not hit the USA territory, Mattis said, "it becomes an issue we take up however the president chooses". There's allies that we consult with.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday he added: "They're moving towards that [goal] at an ever-alarming rate". But he warned pointedly: "You don't shoot at people in this world unless you want to bear the consequences".

China opposes both nuclear proliferation and war in the Korean Peninsula. While this position has been stated numerous times by Tillerson, the message was significant in showing that Mattis, who oversees the responsibility for military mobilization, also supports the view. All I see is that President Trump seems to be well in command of his faculties with regard to North Korea. Moreover, Beijing will not allow the Kim regime to collapse when the result would be a flood of refugees, and possibly US troops on its doorstep, on a unified, USA -allied Korean peninsula.

The article took a softer tone on North Korea than the president, who warned Pyongyang last week of "fire and fury" if it launched an attack.

After speaking with the US President, Mr Abe said: "Through a firm partnership between Japan and the US and cooperating with China, Russia and the global community we agreed that our priority was to work to ensure that North Korea doesn't launch more missiles".

"Any second Korean War would have no choice but to spread into a nuclear war", it said in a commentary.

Guam Homeland Security adviser George Charfauros dismissed reports that satellite images showed North Korea moving a missile into place for a possible launch, saying it was likely "just a ruse". The uncertainty in the Korean Peninsula is growing. But its comments appeared to signal a path to defuse the crisis by saying Kim would watch USA conduct before giving his orders. We do not seek an excuse to garrison USA troops north of the Demilitarized Zone.

"There are no plans to expel North Korean laborers and Kuwait has never done so", Kuwait's Foreign Ministry told the Associated Press.

Officials in the South Korean government have voiced surprise and confusion at Trump's tough talk of the past week.

"When I served in Korea many years ago as the director of intelligence USA forces in Korea, what I was anxious about was an incendiary event getting out of hand", Clapper added. If war really breaks out, the U.S. can hardly reap any strategic harvest and North Korea will face unprecedented risks.

"Moon has talked about how South Korea should be in the driver's seat when it comes to dealing with North Korea, but that clearly was just rhetoric", Choi Do-hyun, a 39-year-old office worker in Seoul, said in an interview.

"While diplomacy is our preferred means of changing North Korea's course of action, it is backed by military options", the two officials said.

"We're not closer to war than a week ago, but we are closer to war than we were a decade ago", McMaster said, adding that the Trump administration is prepared to deal militarily with North Korea if necessary.

The daily JoongAng Ilbo newspaper took those comments as a sign of Moon's lack of urgency while Washington and Pyongyang trade "verbal bombs as if they are predicting a real war". Already North Korea is suffering grain shortages after a parched spring.

"We know swiftly after it's launched where it's going to land", he said. "The exercises remain important to us, and we'll continue to move forward", he said, according to Stars and Stripes.

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