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Trump pressuring Republicans to vote again on healthcare bill

01 Agosto 2017, 06:27 | Bibiana Flor

Still Unsure About Single Payer Health Care? This Might Change Your Mind Blog National

Still Unsure About Single Payer Health Care? This Might Change Your Mind     
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Capito went along with leadership in voting Monday to allow debate on Republican health care proposals, then voted for a Republican repeal and replace plan for voting against the repeal-only bill. "So we need to move forward and replace as much as we can and make it work for everybody". Among all adults, 52 percent of voters favor some sort of repeal, with 34 percent favored repeal only if replacement could be enacted at the same time.

Thus forcing formerly reluctant Republicans back to the negotiating table. The number of insurance companies offering plans in the exchanges has steadily declined as their ObamaCare losses mounted.

Let's take these threats one by one.

And many other areas with limited insurance options are swing districts or states now held by Republicans - including Nevada and Arizona - making them potential targets for Democrats in next year's elections.

No matter what the administration does, the holdout states need to go ahead and accept the ACA's expansion of Medicaid.

The defeat ends - for now - the health care debate in Congress.

Collins called on senators to "produce a series of bills" aimed at addressing pressing issues in health care. But they don't have a lot of time to do that.

The second part of the tweet appeared to be a threat to end the employer contribution for members of Congress and their staff, who were moved from the normal federal employee healthcare benefits program onto the Obamacare insurance exchanges as part of the 2010 healthcare law.

But: Getting rid of those subsidies isn't all that unpopular with some Republicans.

But throughout the weekend, Trump seemed less focused on moving on to tax reform or to the border wall than on confronting the procedural hurdles that threaten those efforts in the Senate - where Republicans can only afford to lose two of their 52 party members if they are to advance legislation that doesn't have any Democratic support.

This fall, Republicans need to start planning for next year's budget, which is due October 1. Pat Toomey "I am disappointed with this setback on efforts to fix our broken health care system".

Well, Trump did win and by trusting the GOP establishment to handle health care he saw firsthand why he was able to beat the 12 best candidates the party had to offer. The official time of death was 1:29 a.m. last Friday when U.S. Senator John McCain gave the thumbs down and cast the third Republican "no" vote against the so-called "skinny" repeal of the Affordable Care Act. These guys would vote "Yes" if they were assured that their yes vote wouldn't count.

For instance, all of South Carolina, Alabama and Wyoming have just one insurance option and all three are nearly exclusively represented by Republicans in Congress.

The leaders of other groups, such as Women Vote Trump, have begun to court primary challengers to punish those members of Congress deemed insufficiently committed to President Donald Trump's agenda.

The subsidy question looms after Republicans last week failed to push through their latest healthcare plan through the Senate, despite having a majority in the chamber. That's why the whole effort almost folded even before the final vote, when McCain, Lindsay Graham of SC and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin refused early Thursday evening to vote for the measure without a promise that the House wouldn't pass it.

Chris Plein, West Virginia University public administration professor, said it was fascinated watching Capito "tacking this way and that in rough seas resulting from pressure by Senate leadership and President Trump on one hand, and ACA advocates on the other".

Republicans tried for months on their own, couldn't do it, and now some key GOP lawmakers are advocating for the opposite approach.

Schumer said in a press conference Friday morning that he did that in hopes that Republicans and Democrats "can work together in a bipartisan way". We will pay for their care when it is more expensive, raising all of our premiums.

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