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Trump defends Arpaio pardon, calls former sheriff a 'patriot'

29 Agosto 2017, 02:58 | Bibiana Flor

Inc. All rig

Inc. All rig

According to the Washington Examiner, Joe Arpaio, the longtime sheriff of Maricopa County until his defeat by a Democrat previous year, said he could challenge Republican Senator Jeff Flake for his seat in 2018.

While most presidential pardons usually take into consideration time served, the person's remorse, their contributions to society, and take place long after the trial is over, Trump's first pardon was very different than normal because Arpaio's judicial process was not over yet. He's very strong on borders, very strong on illegal immigration, he is loved in Arizona.Sheriff Joe is a patriot.

It included Bill Clinton's pardon of commodities trader and fugitive Marc Rich, who was wanted for tax evasion and whose ex-wife donated to the Clintons, and "dangerous criminals" such as Weather Underground bomber Susan Rosenberg.

JOHNSON: Well, as Trump said, in his own defense, President Obama commuted or shortened the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning.

Trump pardoned Arpaio on Friday evening, citing his "more than fifty years of admirable service to our nation". He also was a devoted follower of Trump's birther movement, which held that Barack Obama was not born in this country and therefore did not hold his office legally.

An aide to Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said the pardon undermined respect for the rule of law. The White House announced on Friday that Donald Trump would pardon Arpaio, doing so during the middle of Hurricane Harvey. Trump, a former reality television star, said he thought television ratings the night of the announcement would have been good because of the storm. "You know, the hurricane was just starting, and I put it out that I had pardoned, as we call - as we say, Sheriff Joe", Trump told reporters at a joint White House press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. Trump did not go back to Justice for its recommendation prior to issuing his pardon. "He's very strong on borders".

"President Trump's pardon of Sheriff Arpaio is shameful", said American Jewish Committee CEO David Harris in a statement.

"One way or the other, Mexico's going to pay for the wall", Trump said.

"I hope that we do have good relations with Russian Federation". "Sheriff Arpaio engaged in behavior that targeted minorities and broke the law", he said. Racist Joe Arpaio, whose racist feelings have been so hurt by the media calling his racist actions racist that he's asking that we not call him a racist anymore. We see neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend, and stranger helping stranger.

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