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Thousands of Anti-Israel Islamists in Turkey Protest: 'Hit, Hit Zionists'

01 Agosto 2017, 04:55 | Bibiana Flor

Thousands of Anti-Israel Islamists in Turkey Protest: 'Hit, Hit Zionists'


Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Turkey to denounce Israel following widespread clashes over security measures at a holy site in Jerusalem. The move led to nearly two weeks of unrest from East Jerusalem and West Bank Palestinians in protest of the changes.

Israel's unilateral security steps had included a decision to install metal detectors and security cameras.

The dispute over security at the mosque compound was triggered when Israel installed metal detectors at entry points after two police guards were shot dead this month.

"They dare ban the people to whom Al-Aqsa Mosque belongs".

"We will see about that in the conference, and the most important thing is that the issue in Jerusalem concerns all Muslims and Christians, not only Palestinians, so we need to work together".

At Least 1090 Palestinians Have Been Injured By Israeli Forces In Last 10 Days The Palestinian Red Crescent Society recently released a statement claiming that nearly one thousand and hundred Palestinians have been wounded since Israel installed new security measures at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. It is the third-holiest site in Islam and the most sacred for Jews as the site of the first and second ancient temples. Palestinians spontaneously conducted daily prayers in the streets and alleyways outside the compound and the city gates and mounted sit-ins within the Old City.

He also criticized the Arab countries for not supporting the Palestinian issue and claimed that they preferred to be rich "by supporting Israel".

Why can not Israeli government and citizens behave rationally, like the democratic nation it claims to be?

The dispute has touched off the bloodiest clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in years.

Israeli raids in Palestinian towns, villages, and refugee camps are a daily occurrence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with a biweekly average of 95 search and detention raids carried out over the course of 2016, according to United Nations documentation.

"Today we raise our voices in protest because apartheid Israel denies peace, justice and dignity to the Palestinian people, just as it has done since the day it was created".

He has since called for the death penalty for the Palestinian who killed three Israeli settlers, in what analysts say is a move created to mitigate concessions at al-Aqsa.

Israel, after facing global condemnation, removed the detectors on Friday.

The Arab League has weighed in calling Jerusalem a "red line" and accusing Israel of "adventurism" and warning that further Israeli measures on Al-Aqsa could escalate to a "crisis with the Arab and Muslim world".

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