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The internet really isn't feeling the new, weird, probably high Bran Stark

04 Agosto 2017, 05:00 | Fidele Alvizo

In season one, she tells her father "that's not me" after he explains that she will one day marry a lord and bear his children.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Sansa doesn't know what to make of her brother's abilities. The Iron Throne belongs to many, and none.

"Somebody put in front of him a massive encyclopedia of all of time and he's only opened page one".

If that's Littlefinger in the shot, why is he getting a knife out in Winterfell?

For those who want to see the leaked images, they're embedded below. That's the goal, fellas! Hempstead Wright is tight-lipped on upcoming shows, but has a warning for the audience: "Winter has come".

It was the first time the pair has seen each other since season one and much has happened since that time, including the brutal murders of most of their other family members. The gang's (almost) all here. It was part of what led to her punishment of being stricken blind.

It's worth noting that this dagger makes an appearance in the next episode. Varys aka The Spider would have been proud of this person. The series' eighth season will be its last.

You know. this whole "emotionless robot" situation. Arya's brief reunion with Nymeria sees her referencing one of her most famous lines and hinting at what her future may hold. Well, read on if you look at the spoilers the way Olenna looked at her poisoned chalise.

During the wedding, Sansa is understandably feeling quite downtrodden.

It's the seventh season premiere and watching it with such a large group gives a cinematic vibe to the event. She's not just able to placate her subjects in the present, she's able to anticipate their future needs. They got a reunion in Sansa + Bran, but it was a definite sad trombone.

Will Littlefinger's Scheming Be Revealed?

Also murdered, along with his mom.

Bran no longer seems to have any interest in personal matters. Only the ladder is real. Her parents fell in love with Zunni and after her role, they adopted her. Danny comes with her dragons and saves the day.

Yes! We're going to see a friendly fight between Brienne and Arya!

- While Walkers manage to kill one of Danny's dragons - Viserion. He's as easily baited as he is reluctant to lead. It's all pieces now.

Not to mention that the promo also appears to show Sansa suspiciously perusing a paper that could be the scroll in question.

This version of Carpool Karaoke is a tad different because the stars actually get to leave the car to do some stuff.

- Littlefinger will try to play Sansa against Arya. Sansa appears to have learned nothing. Arya kills him. It's game over for one of the wiliest Game of Thrones characters. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Jamie finally feels some shame and disgust and rides North. That way, they could later be worn as disguises. That happens again this season.

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