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The Game of Thrones speech that predicts the end of this season

03 Agosto 2017, 01:40 | Bibiana Flor

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones. There is no middle ground.

There are some key differences between this scene and the one in the fourth season. Obviously there's lots of trimming going on. Add to that she was paraded naked through the streets of King's Landing all the while being judged by her subjects as a group of religious fanatics publicly shamed her. As we make our way through Season 7, here are the latest fan theories making the rounds on the internet.

Meanwhile, Sam has apparently cured Jorah of greyscale in one night, Bran is super emo in his reunion with Sansa and Gendry is still rowing, I guess. It's a complicated procedure and all he did was follow the instructions - which can be shockingly hard for men to do, especially men in Westeros. "We will meet again", she told the young Stark, before taking Gendry and thereby securing a position on Arya's kill list. "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me".

In an episode that also featured Diana Rigg's loquacious Lady Olenna Tyrell performing an almighty mic drop in her own death scene, Varma's nonverbal performance in last Sunday's episode was powerful television in its own right. Though the same Targaryen blood runs through their veins, Daenerys and Jon Snow didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on last week's "The Queen's Justice," where the newly-appointed King of the North sought to mine Dragonglass to mount a suitable defense against the White Walkers. Bernadette's appearance was striking not just because she's the first person to catch Cersei and Jaime in the act and not get thrown out of a tower for it, but because she looks like Cersei's doppelganger. The celebration of Daenerys's Unsullied army easily taking Casterly Rock from the Lannisters is short-lived, since Jaime fakes them out by having Euron's fleet burn most of the Unsullied's ships and moves nearly all of the Lannister forces to Highgarden instead.

She has little if any fear of the Lannisters. And speaking of Euron, the last time we saw someone ride into the King's Landing throne room it was Tywin Lannister. One army, a real army, united behind one leader with one goal.

Also, Jaime referred to this strategy as learning from his past mistakes at the hand of Robb Stark. She does not wish merely to gain more wealth and power for her and her family, as Cersei does, but to establish a kingdom of peace and prosperity.

Moving onto her death being pure, Olenna was technically murdered because Jamie poisoned her wine and she drank it, albeit willingly. I wasn't heartbroken. And I was like, "As long as I die on screen..." and they were like "Yeah!" That is the exact manner in which Ellaria robbed Cersei of her only daughter in Season 5. Cersei Lannister: Five.Robert Baratheon: [holds up his left fingers] Five.

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