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Season 7, Episode 5 "Eastwatch" preview images

10 Agosto 2017, 04:21 | Fidele Alvizo

Watching Tyrion Lannister watch the queen he chose and the brother he loves battle it out on Game of Thrones season 7 was heart-wrenching. It just seems to flawless that not only was Drogon leading the attack, but he also suffered the same injury as Drogo, an attack to the shoulder (albeit, opposite shoulder).

The images feature another conversation between Daenerys and Jon Snow, Tyrion assessing the battlefield, Sam and Gilly conversing, Cersei pondering, and Varys exchanging words with Tyrion.

The pitch also made clear how George wanted Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Bran Stark and Tyrion Lannister to survive through the entire trilogy - so could this be an indication of who will make it through to the final season on the show?

As far as everyone in the Seven Kingdoms (except Bran) knows, she is the only living Targaryen, Aemon Targaryen (who set aside his surname when he became the maester of Castle Black) having died peacefully in season 5, and therefore the only true heir to Aerys II. Some fans think Jaime Lannister is actually Azor Ahai, and his gold right hand plays a crucial role in that theory. Imagine what three dragons can do - and we'll probably find out soon. But oh my God, don't get me started on the water!

HarperCollins confirmed that the letter is legitimate, so these ideas must have been swirling around Martin's head at some point, and given that the Lannister incest plot is still a major part of both the books and the TV show, it isn't hard to imagine that Jon and Arya could've been brought together. This one seems to be the former, given the dramatic walk he seems to be doing, so maybe this is an instance where something interesting really is happening off-screen.

The former Lord Commander, however, appears unfazed by the fire-breathing beast and speculation is high that the Drogon will instead form a bond with Jon, justifying the title of the fifth episode.

Sure, it was a Targaryen bastard who left Westeros after the failed Blackfyre Rebellion that lead to a Targaryen civil war, so, historically speaking, the Golden Company was birthed from a Targaryen conflict with Dany's ancestors.

"I said, 'It was amazing!' and he said, 'I don't even want to hear any reactions!'" Bulaga says. "That is not my problem". "Monday morning, a couple of guys are going, 'Well ...' and you're going, 'Stop stop stop'". If you're not caught up to the latest episode, you should probably watch Aaron Rodgers' insane trick throw instead. Why take that risk?

"I don't like a lot of people talking during it; I'd rather watch alone", Rodgers says. I want the audience to nearly smell the costumes.

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