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Sansa Stark will rise in season 7

25 Agosto 2017, 04:08 | Fidele Alvizo

CultureWhy The ‘Three Dragon Riders’ Prophecy Is So Important Now In ‘Game Of Thrones’Everything changed with episode

CultureWhy The ‘Three Dragon Riders’ Prophecy Is So Important Now In ‘Game Of Thrones’Everything changed with episode

It's certainly not a ideal theory, but it does give us a whole new reason to potentially care about the Night King and what his motivations might be, especially whenever he comes up against family members like Jon Snow and doesn't kill them, or when he knows exactly which raven present day Bran is warging into.

Or maybe Sansa really isn't anxious about Arya at all and felt nearly insulted at the idea that she couldn't take care of herself against her own sister. This is, of course, the least generous reading of that scroll possible, but we knew that was coming too.

Instead of taking Sansa's face she handed her Valyrian steel dagger to her sister before storming off. We can only hope we'll find out when season seven comes to a close this Sunday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET.

Sansa keeps telling people not to trust Cersei, and Jon goes and plans a parley with her.

Not that Arya cares about anything like that. As very bad as Arya was to Sansa in "Beyond the Wall", Game of Thrones planted enough seeds to suggest that it all might be a ploy for Littlefinger to expose himself.

Perhaps Arya doesn't know enough about what her sister survived? She took control of the situation after Littlefinger murdered her aunt Lysa. She holds her grudges and prepares to avenge them, and that's been her life for the bulk of the run of this series.

Since returning to Winterfell, Maisie Williams' character has spent time walking the castle's cavernous corridors and generally re-familiarizing herself with her rightful home - something that Arya has not done in years. Then, Arya goes on to say that she can even live in anyone's skin, all she needs is a face.

There's also this very convincing fan theory explaining why Bran gave Arya the dagger in the first place, and why a hug can speak a thousand words. Either way, he's still playing The Game, more cunningly than most, and the Knights of the Vale still ride at Littlefinger's command, so he remains a potent power. Yeah, that was a little surprising. According to this theory, Arya's new attitude towards Sansa is mostly an act. She sends away Brienne, despite Littlefinger hinting that Brienne would protect her from Arya if she had to. Really, considering he's a man who comes from a minor house, isn't a swordsman or any other kind of warrior, someone with few actual friends, only people he's manipulated or is about to, and who's been involved in nearly every bit of treachery in the series, it's pretty unbelievable Petyr Baelish has lasted as long as he has. And did Arya poison that wine?

However, Sansa and Arya are far more clever than they may now appear at this point in the show. It's impossible for one side to have all the firepower all the time.

Sure, Sansa's not flawless. You all should know that Dany and the Dragons came all the way from Dragonstone, which is nowhere near next door from Winterfell or the Wall, which in itself is already quite far from where the Snow Squad were.

As it stands, Game of Thrones is continuing to sell the idea that women must always be in competition with one another, even when they're sisters who've been separated by the horrors of war.

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