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Republicans brace for dissatisfied voters this summer

11 Agosto 2017, 04:51 | Bibiana Flor

Approval of US Congress by Republicans Falls to New 2017 Low of 16% - Poll

The Trump Presidency Is a Train Wreck. Progressives Must Be Ready to Capitalize. 

Discouraged Republicans are ripping a page out of President Trump's playbook by creating their own website and social media campaign in a much-needed attempt to tune out CNN.

Still, at the state level, West Virginia remained a Democratic stronghold until 2014.

Almost 70 percent of all self-identified Democratic voters want their party to come to the table to work with Republicans under Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, according to the American Action Network (AAN) poll. Last week, Lara Trump, the wife of Trump's youngest adult son, Eric, informed more than 2 million viewers that Trump donated his presidential salary to the Department of Education.

"I think we've seen a lot of people switching to Republican", Speaker Armstead stated. According to statistics website, FiveThirtyEight, only 37 percent of the country approves of President Trump. That figure holds across party lines, with only about one in five on each side saying they approve of Congress's work so far.

Independent voters also favor Ryan's leadership.

"Some policymakers want to cut it more deeply than others", The Hill, a USA political website, reported on Sunday, noting the lack of unity is a challenge for Republicans to pass the tax reform legislation by the end of the year. A vote on the debt ceiling looms this fall.

Heghmann said he is directing his suit at the Republican Party on the state and national level because he understands he is unable to sue politicians for lying on the campaign trail. Justice added, "The Democrats walked away from me". "Now they're Trump Democrats".

This is important, because it means Democrats don't have to contort themselves to appeal to the mythical Trump Democrats by toughening their position on immigration, or weakening their support for universal health care, or embracing small government and low taxes.

Besides, it's frustrating to think of the selfishness of some elected Republicans and the arrogance of political consultants, who never seem to spot the Gov. Larry Hogan or President Trump who can bend the arc of electoral history in our direction against all odds.

Still, Democrats would be wise not to count on Trump swelling forever or on Robert Mueller taking him down.

"Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed", Deason said. Among those who oppose repeal, more say the law needs minor changes than a major overhaul, while just 6% of all Americans say it should be left as is. Alexander wants to pay insurance companies the subsidy that is part of the Affordable Care Act through 2018. Similarly, the Justice Department will be able to return to more tough-on-crime policies with Jeff Sessions as attorney general, she said. A poll released in June by the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, a nonpartisan collaboration of analysts and scholars, avoided this problem because it re-interviewed the same respondents queried in 2012; they were asked who they voted for in real time.

This bad news for Democrats goes well beyond 2018, the report says. Take health care and a willingness to help the "little guy".

During a May 11 interview with NBC News, Trump said the Russian Federation probe factored into his decision to remove Comey.

During the seven months they've been in control of the political football in D.C. they've brought no significant legislation before Congress. Democrats won six Republican seats in the 2006 election.

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