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Over Half of Google's Employees Think James Damore Shouldn't Have Been Fired

11 Agosto 2017, 08:14 | Fidele Alvizo

It is how Google’s diversity and Bias Training will Resemble like

It is how Google's diversity and Bias Training will Resemble like

The all-hands meeting was scheduled following the leak of the "ideological echo chamber" memo that called the company's diversity efforts into question.

In another interview, Damore spoke with Jordan B. Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a critic of "political correctness", feminist postmodernists and the concept of white privilege.

"I'm definitely hurt I love Google and I've always been a fan of Google even before I joined", he said, "So it really feels like they betrayed me in some way".

Finberg said, "The culture at Google is hostile to women". Despite claiming to "value diversity and inclusion", Damore wrote that women weren't succeeding as much as their high-ranking male counterparts due to faults of their own - meekness and neuroses - as opposed to the industry's systemic misogyny.

A person familiar added that an additional top question likely to be asked is: "What can we do to clarify for the entire company that there is one hiring bar", regardless of race or gender?

"Anyone who makes a statement like this and expects to stick foolish", said David Lewis, CEO of Operations Inc., a human resources consulting firm. He suggested promoting more collaboration among coders, skills in which he says that women tend to excel.

As a company, it must sting a bit to be sued by a group of dissatisfied women, just a few hours after publicly canning a guy for saying you're bending a little too far backwards to be "inclusive" toward said women. "It takes emotional energy that builds up over time".

However, Damore stirred the pot again recently, after he posted a photo of himself wearing a shirt that seemingly mocked his former employer. He launched it on "WeSearchr" - a crowdfunding site where others are hoping to "expose Antifa", and fund an investigation into the death of Democratic staffer Seth Rich (a conspiracy theory peddled by Fox News).

"I felt like I wasn't playing the game in the "boys" club' environment", she told the Guardian. Finberg mentioned that the reason many women left their job at Google was discrimination. The Department of Labor considers just two standard deviations statistically significant, according to The Guardian. "Code positions are more highly paid and more highly valued at Google".

"Can we get an update on progress toward identifying leakers?" one employee posted, saying multiple Googlers had their team pages leaked to alt-right sites, resulting in a death threat in one instance.

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