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Meteor shower peaks this weekend

11 Agosto 2017, 02:07 | Verda Sainz

Shaji Manshad Flickr2016 Perseids in Qatar

Shaji Manshad  Flickr2016 Perseids in Qatar

In the case of the Perseids, Comet Swift-Tuttle is the origin of the display. It's a meteor shower, not the season finale of Game of Thrones.

The warm summer weather typically makes the Perseid meteor shower a fan favorite.

A bright moon typically reduces the number of visible meteors by half. This happens every year on a very predictable schedule, beginning about July 17 until around September 1, with the peak in August, according to Sky & Telescope.

Download the Palm Beach Post WeatherPlus app here. The meteors are actually tiny dust and particles from the tail of the comet as it orbits around the sun.

Despite wild media reports about it being the brightest meteor shower in human history, NASA said "no such thing is going to happen". ABAA's president Jayanth Basvarajaiyah says, "It is a attractive experience, if you do get to see it".

This year's show is competing with the waning gibbous moon, which was full on Monday.

The meteors, mostly no bigger than a grain of sand, burn up as they hit the atmosphere at 58 kilometres (36 miles) per second to produce a shooting stream of light in the sky.

Prince George Centre, best known as the Prince George Astronomical Society, will be hosting an open house on Saturday beginning at 9 p.m., said society president Blair Stunder. "In the city, you could probably see around 20 stars but when you are out, you can count the black spaces in the sky!" he says.

The skies this weekend will be filled with a natural wonder - just look up! The Perseids watch will include explaining positioning and frequency of the showers, how to locate the radiant point in a constellation, study of sky map, position of other constellations and basics of astronomy. Saturday won't be quite that bad, but 80 percent isn't too far off.

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