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John Kelly must quell the White House chaos | Guest Editorial

05 Agosto 2017, 07:37 | Bibiana Flor

Kyle Mazza SIPPL Sipa USA

Kyle Mazza  SIPPL Sipa USA

In the coming weeks, Kelly's ability to turn this train wreck around will become clear by gauging progress on these fronts.

'We're doing very well. The president now knows he has a chief of staff who is prepared to walk, and that it will be a reflection on the president's administration if Kelly takes a hike. 'The country is optimistic.

Since starting this week, Kelly has told aides that anyone briefing the president needs to show him the information first.

There are many people on the left and a number of people on the right who are ready to give up on this presidency. Trump fired Scaramucci after just ten days in the position, at Kelly's request. They should rely on precise lawyering and full compliance. He isn't so fortuitous to have the president he wants, so the nation will have to be governed with the president he has, and that means making the best out of a trying situation, minimizing Trump's worst impulses and maximizing his talents.

Others thought to be in the running include Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke (though she's mainly an administrator rather than a policy person), Rick Perry (though he's just gotten his feet wet as Secretary of Energy), House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (though the "No-Wall McCaul" nickname that's stuck to him makes that unlikely), and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (a favorite of restrictionists, but the Democrats would go to the mattresses to stop him).

But even the most loyal portions of that base are eager to see some actual results. "Where Abraham Lincoln had his famous 'team of rivals' in his administration, this is something different", Zurcher wrote.

When I became White House chief of staff in 1994, President Bill Clinton was concerned about some of the same difficulties confronting this president - too little discipline, competing centers of power, a weak chain of command, haphazard access to the Oval Office, leaks and a lack of focus on a unified message or priorities.

Kelly, like so many generals, appears to be a realist.

Trump has yet to notch up a major legislative win and Kelly has scant experience with lawmakers. The best diversion is a war, but against whom?

"It depends on what the job is".

In addition to strain in the West Wing and with Congress, Kelly starts his new job as tensions escalate with North Korea. I put two deputies in place, one responsible for issues and politics, the other for scheduling and personnel. But there are always degrees of dysfunction, and it's possible that the chaos could be turned down a notch.

During prepared remarks on Wednesday announcing the immigration proposal, Senator Cotton said the current system "is "obsolete" and unfair for Americans, especially blue-collar workers who work with their hands - or feet - such as those in agriculture and manufacturing". In a television interview, Putin indicated the cutback was retaliation for new sanctions in a bill passed by Congress and sent to Trump. Cutting back that foreign labor supply could make it hard for some to stay in business, according to experts. They caused the president to go off on various tangents. This raises an interesting question: Can Kelly structure the White House to make Donald Trump grow up a little bit?

There has to be trust between the chief of staff and the president.

The payments reduce deductibles and co-payments for consumers with modest incomes. Letting Kelly get rid of Anthony Scaramucci was an acknowledgement by the president that the hiring of Scaramucci was a mistake that needed to be remedied immediately.

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