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HBO uploads making-of Game of Thrones 'Loot Train Attack'

09 Agosto 2017, 06:03 | Fidele Alvizo

With Arya taking a U-turn with her horse in episode 2 of season 7 and heading to Winterfell, we ate inching closer to a sisterly reunion we have been waiting for.

Now, with that being said, it's pretty obvious that Daenerys isn't going to be feeling particularly charitable towards Jamie or Bron, especially since he came so close to mortally wounding her dragon.

We saw them in the very first episode of the show, only not on the walls of caves. with body parts.

We've seen Arya's character develop greatly over the last few seasons, even if some of it seemed to take forever - we're looking at you Braavos. He tells Bran it must be hard for him to be gone for so long and seen so many things, yet comes home to chaos.

We spent time in King's Landing, Winterfell and Dragonstone, the seats of power of the three key families in Westeros - the Lannisters, Targaryens and Starks. It proved that Bran was watching Littlefinger, and knew the game he was playing. Perhaps his most interesting line this episode was when he quoted Littlefinger himself from back in season 3's "The Climb", with "Chaos is a ladder".

Circa 0:17, where you can see that, yes, that is Dany and Drogon giving their version of a "Hello" to Jon Snow. Also, her insistence that Jon Snow "bends the knee" is just annoying now. Thousands of years ago The Children of the Forest and Men fought side by side against the White Walkers and their leader. At the feet of the drawings of the First Men, there are two curiously familiar symbols.

But the biggest question it raises: What about the White Walkers?

What does it all mean? Who knows what the group could do with the information they hold.

He's no Ed Sheeran, but Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard' certainly knocked it out of the park with his cameo. The destruction of the Lannister army will also spread her resources thinner, meaning she can't send her troops North.

At the half way point of the shortened seventh season of Game of Thrones, there has been no shortage of drama and action - something viewers have grown accustomed to. Neither of these episodes had almost the production value that has been thrown at the show since, but both were important in establishing the identity of Game of Thrones.

"These capes are actually IKEA rugs".

Oh, and we need to talk about that perilous cliffhanger. The fall breaks them. I want the audience to nearly smell the costumes.

It's nothing against Bronn as a character, but this is Game of Thrones after all, and it would seem that most of Bronn's possible character arc is done.

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