Diciembre 17, 2017

GRAPHIC WARNING: Sea creatures feast on teenager's feet

08 Agosto 2017, 05:08 | Faron Santos

Teen Emerges From Beach With Bloodied Legs After A Quick Dip

It's not a movie: Did marine critters eat Brighton teenager's legs?

Lysianssid amphipods - also known as "sea fleas" - vary greatly in size, from as small as a few millimeters to as large as 8 inches (20 centimeters) in length, with the largest found in the deep sea, and the smallest living mostly in the tropics, Watling said.

After an intense football match Saturday in Australia, 16-year-old Sam Kanizay dipped his legs into the chilly waters off Melbourne's coast, hoping to soothe his sore muscles.

"It's possible the amphipods contained an anti-coagulant, which would account for the inability to stop the flowing blood and that the very cold water may be the reason Sam didn't feel the bites", Dr Walker-Smith said.

When he stepped back onto the beach, he was bleeding profusely.

Sam, 16, continues his recovery at Dandenong Hospital after doctors struggled for most of Sunday to control the bleeding. Nobody could figure out exactly what attacked him.

Sam Kanizay in a Melbourne Hospital after sustaining suspected bites from "tiny marine creatures" at a local bay.

The video he took has at least one marine expert perplexed.

The culprit was most likely some sort of tiny sea creature.

According to the New York Times, the teenager might have encountered a group of hungry sea lice and that's why he was so bloodied, as opposed to the usual result when a sea louse finds a human: small pricks in the skin that have the look of a rash.

The department suggested that swimmers to not swim at night and to wear a wetsuit in order to avoid sea flea bites.

The veteran marine researcher said Sam's injury was much like a graze and he should not fear returning to the water.

Though Kanizay's situation is still being assessed by doctors, the teenager's father has advised residents in the area about the potential danger. He caught them in a pool net and brought them home to make a video. "What is really clear is these little things really love meat", he added.

That is so freaky.

The Bayside City Council which covers the beach where the attack took place posted a quote on its website from marine biologist Dr Genefor Walker-Smith noting that amphipods are a valuable part of the marine environment. Experts in Australia have since identified them as sea fleas. So Kanizay will be well taken care of.

There was some debate, however, as to whether the sea lice were the actual attackers of the boy's feet.

"We had the emergency full of everybody that was working there just fascinated, they were all on Google afterwards, hypothesizing as to what had happened", said Jarrod.

Are you ever going back in the water again?

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