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'Game of Thrones': What Is Eastwatch? [Plot Refresher]

08 Agosto 2017, 04:13 | Azura Castelo

Bronn teases him but he doesn't crack a smile after learning the truth about Joffrey.

Firstly, Cersei's gold reserves to pay off the iron bank have been destroyed, and as we have discussed before, this does not bode well for The Queen.

Littefinger gives Brandon a dagger. His cold dismissal of Meera shows just how little humanity is left in him. He says goodbye. She gets angry that is all he has to say. If anything, this battle should spur him to redouble his efforts to stop the Dragon Queen from gaining more ground.

It's good to see Arya back in her home, and after eluding the hapless guards on the gate, she has an emotional reunion with Sansa under the shadow of her late father's statue.

"I would hope that it stirs some emotion in you, that this girl who has been through what she's been through and has experienced numerous insane and terrible things she's experienced, and come out the other side stronger for it, is finally coming home", said Weiss.

"It was an extraordinary directing from Matt Shakman, who came in with a lot of pressure on his shoulders", showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly. She turns to Jon and only hears the echo.

I've been writing these reviews for a few weeks and they've been lengthy, which I'm fine with, but I wanted to review the episode while still talking about long-anticipated moments as they come to fruition and their significance, and leave some space for fan theories without boring everyone. Arya looks around. Sansa finds her in the crypt.

Unfortunately for Cersei, Bronn's aim was off and the dragon and its rider survived the encounter. They think Arya's dead.

Also, did she realize she was burning up food stores? The two of them go to see Bran by the trees in his wheelchair.

Later in the clip, Varys (Conleth Hill) tells a anxious Tyrion: "You need to find a way to make her listen". Sansa explains that Bran has visions. That doubt about Arya's killing skills gets somewhat lifted when Bran, who is the ultimate hacker seeing all things at once, brings up her kill list without provocation.

Missandei tells Daenerys that there is still no word from the Unsullied.

Daenerys even asked for Jon's opinion and advice regarding the war. Now she wants to ride her dragons to the Red Keep. She is in awe. They stare in wonder together and Jon takes Daenerys' arm at one point, leading her further inside. Daenerys is baffled at the sight when Jon shows her more of these engravings which reveal that the Children of the forest were in the cave with the first men to fight the White Walkers. Just like they need to do.

It was hard to root for anyone in this battle, given that what Daenerys did was violent and awful ... and also went against much of what Jon Snow and Tyrion told her.

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