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Game of Thrones director hints at violent end for the Stark sisters

28 Agosto 2017, 01:29 | Fidele Alvizo

Littlefinger and Sansa have a complicated relationship

Sansa Stark is keeping secrets about LIttlefinger from Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 7

From monsters like Joffrey and Ramsay to scheming gits like Tywin and Maester Qyburn, Game of Thrones is full of wrong-'uns. The letter that is the source of all the tension has been posted on Making Game of Thrones. That's even more dismaying considering the show's problematic track record with female characters. Thoros of Myr? Whatever. Blame the Red Wedding and Oberyn's smashed skull. There's people playing the game for done it much longer. The Northern Lords aren't likely to respond in a positive way to the news with majority seeing Dany as a foreign invader who wants to rule over all of Westeros the same way her father did - with destruction and insanity. And what was the point of that? We should allow for the possibility Sansa's got a bigger plan in motion that requires keeping him, an enemy, close to her, but she should really be considering the optics of this move. It's time to bet against Littlefinger. It is one thing to both dress like their father, but they need to actually talk to each other rather than ending a conversation with not-so-veiled threats. "I think that worked for some people, for other people it didn't". Instead, she has become a competent, practical leader in Jon's absence.

She has a rightful claim to the throne.

What ensues then is what elevates the episode and gives it the fanfare it truly, thoroughly deserves. Arya may have been simply trying to read Sansa and figure out her tells, so she could know if Sansa was lying or if she could truly trust her sister.

Well, now she's the pissed off Lady of Winterfell with good reason to believe that Arya is going to ruin her life.

If that isn't code for "they're definitely going to team up and kill Littlefinger in the finale", I don't know what is.

This scene between the sisters might be Arya's wordless way of telling Sansa that she has a plan for Littlefinger (he was the one who gave the dagger to Bran in the first place, to try to win his favor). What the hell is she up to? After that, she was abused and victimized by him over and over again. That way, the Knights of the Vale stay North with the Starks. "I don't like heroes".

Things between Tyrion and Daenerys are shaky. She's not listening to Littelfinger's advice and that's telling. He will be missed. It needs to show us they can grow.

However, it was Thoros that interceded and was bitten by the beast. I was also struck by this development: that killing one of the White Walkers destroys all the zombie minions that it's "turned" instantly. On top of that, I guess a zombie scream is the equivalent of an airhorn.

"We're going to destroy the Night King and his army", Daenerys promises Jon. That happened only with Sandor Clegane - The Hound. Beloved characters are constantly being killed off and for the most part the show resists fan service. Really, considering he's a man who comes from a minor house, isn't a swordsman or any other kind of warrior, someone with few actual friends, only people he's manipulated or is about to, and who's been involved in nearly every bit of treachery in the series, it's pretty unbelievable Petyr Baelish has lasted as long as he has. Hell, Jon had a dragon from a thousand miles away come attempt to save him.

PS - The Zombie Bear is cooler than the Zombie dragon. In return, Jon finally swears his allegiance to Dany. Let us know in the comments!

Wait, sorry, WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?! But it's worth remembering that redemption through suffering is yet another trope that Game of Thrones is happy to undermine-just look at poor Theon Greyjoy. Right now, she's in danger of blowing it because she doesn't want to consider that what her sister is saying is true. If anything, in Westeros, dire circumstances make us more ourselves, often for the worse. Just so classic. She is the absolute worst.

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