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Four Men Arrested In India Over 'Game Of Thrones' Leak

16 Agosto 2017, 03:06 | Fidele Alvizo

Cersei #1 in confidence. Last in planning and critical thinking skills

Cersei #1 in confidence. Last in planning and critical thinking skills

These two facts pretty much cement the fact that Jon is actually a Targaryen AND a Stark. If the last battle in date suggests that Daenerys has much advantage in this war, we must not underestimate Cersei - it surprises us by pointing out that she was aware of the encounter between Jaime and Tyrion. However, in the current seventh season of the HBO series, the Mother of Dragons has shown exactly how brutal she can be. We are deeply grateful to the police for their swift and prompt action.

Perhaps an undead Cleganebowl would be an incredible watch, but we're really hoping we get more of The Hound, and that he gets to see what his brother has become. Does the look Jorah gives him mark Jon out as a potential rival for that love, making Jorah a risky man for the King of the North? The show continues to get closer to learning of Jon's Targaryen lineage. This information fully supports a long-held theory about Jon Snow's parentage.

On that Tyrion and Jaime reunion: "To start a scene from total antagonism and hatred get it to a point of being vaguely the same side ... the key is that Jaime knows what Tyrion is saying is true". And, this leads me to something I've been thinking about for a while now: will the show ever bring in Rhaegar's son with Elia Martell, Ageon Targaryen - said to be (by Rhaegar, himself) the Prince who was Promised? It also could be the 100 percent truth, which would make the Lannister downfall all the more emotionally significant. When he asks her who she'll say the father is, Cersei replies that she'll tell everyone that it's his. Game of Thrones doesn't typically succumb to the clichés of most fantasy epics, but this is very much a prototypical quest - much like Frodo and Sam's journey in The Lord of the Rings.

When she slept with him earlier in the season, she might even have hoped to get pregnant; when that didn't work, she might still choose to lie, wanting to keep Jaime loyal to her by any means necessary.

8/10 - Here is the lesson of Eastwatch, and one that Game of Thrones has been teaching from day one. She's consistently given the most dynamic non-traditional femme roles, but the women around her suffer for it. Missandei serves as Dany's most trusted advisor, confidante, and friend, and yet Dany turns to Jon Snow for advice while Missandei is reduced to furthering Grey Worm's plot through disclosing her sexual exploits to Dany. Of those three, Tyrion is an outlier. "Dead men, dragons, and dragon queens - whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it", Cersei vows, revealing that she and Jaime have another reason to fight so hard. The dragon's quick acceptance of Tyrion doesn't make sense if he is a "lion" not a "dragon".

This is the first time in the history of Star India that an incident of this nature has occurred. Jon is freaked out by Drogon, but not quite as scared as everybody else usually is.

I recently rewatched an episode of The Office in which Kelly Kapoor tells Ryan she's pregs to get him to take her out for dinner, so forgive me for my initial skepticism-a "pregnancy" would be the flawless way to keep Jaime in her corner, particularly since he's a little more reluctant to keep the war going with the Mother of Dragons having watched his entire army be essentially nuked with Drogon-fire.

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