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Four Arrested Over Game of Thrones Leak

16 Agosto 2017, 03:09 | Fidele Alvizo

Kristofer Hivju and Gwendoline Christie Game of Thrones

Kristofer Hivju and Gwendoline Christie Game of Thrones

Helping You Keep Track of the Amazing Rubik's Cube of Television with Some Humor and Snark. Bronn hauls him out. That, of course, came in the form of Evil Dad Tarly and hot Dickon "Zaddy 2" Tarly, which was extremely fucked up because we just became accustomed to the idea of seeing him naked. At the time, Star India said they would start an investigation to track down the source of the hack and subsequent leak.

Game of Thrones, for once, had a lot to say with the clothes of its men. He had that moment with Myrcella, the briefest of moments of feeling open about it, and now she's telling him that it won't be a secret. It also promises the deaths of Cersei's three children Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen: "Gold will be their crowns; gold their shrouds".

Richard Dormer Game of Thrones
Richard Dormer Game of Thrones

Thoros: "Ser Jorah Mormont, no one gives me anything to drink down here". It turned out really well and it was exciting to write because it's two characters we've only seen briefly together in season 4. That's going to be an awkward one. What I have to do on set is make sure the machine moves fast, but the moment the camera rolls, you go into that quiet mode.

The arrests, reported by New Delhi Television (NDTV) and other local sources, took place today, on Monday, August 14. "They're lovely, aren't they", the Mother of Dragons asks, and it's the audience who nods with approval. Myrcella was the only child to acknowledge Jaime as her father. "This isn't a war we can win". Still, it is little more mercy than she would have been shown had she been captured. Dany addresses her prisoners of war, Drogon to her back.

Speaking of Tarlys, Samwell seems to have abandoned his brief tenure at the Citadel in Oldtown. Could I be allowed to be the father?' Because he's never really been allowed to be a father.

We love Jon for his honour and his bravery, but this whole fight beyond the wall seems a bit mental. Read at your own risk. Good on yah, Sam. Knowledge is power. "I was very almost the first man to piss on the King's boots".

As the (far-too-short) penultimate season gets ready to wrap on August 27, I couldn't help but wonder what these characters might get up to once they bid farewell to King's Landing-and every other territory south of The Wall. Once reunited, Davos said to the character: "Thought you might still be rowing". Again, an onion brings tears to my eyes.

If this is the case (and of course, the offhand reference in the episode is deliberately created to have us all speculating this), then we might soon see Jon and Daenerys realizing that their goals don't entirely align after all - in fact, Jon may serve as the biggest stumbling block to Daenerys achieving her goals (and vice versa). It's harsh on Sansa, but Arya is a blunt weapon, one that thinks, foolishly, that she is a match for Littlefinger. They don't want to back some foreign queen and break their vow to Cersei. The scene where he meets Jon Snow is really amusing and reminds us of the one between Ned and Robert in episode 1 when they meet in Winterfell. After ransacking his quarters, Arya found the note hidden in a slit in his mattress. My only hope is that she is making him think that she doesn't know he's spying on her spying on him or something like that. This means that Daenerys is Jon's aunt, but as the direct descendant of King Aerys Targaryen's male heir, Jon would technically be first in line for the Iron Throne. They were the bastard daughters of one the best warriors of the seven kingdoms and were somehow taken out by one crazy-eyed motherf*cker and his horde of ships?

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