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Episode 4 Will Involve The Tastiest Game Of Thrones Character Reunion Yet

04 Agosto 2017, 02:51 | Fidele Alvizo

This week we're talking about the third episode of the seventh season, "The Queen's Justice".

Before Season 7 even started, much was made of a certain EW cover photo that featured Arya wearing what appears to be the very same Catspaw dagger ... But the history repeated when a 60-year-old Leon Humphreys appealed for the right but it was declined. And since 2015, the piracy of the show has increased by 45% worldwide.

"It's like imagining you have all of space and time in your head".

Plus, Arya will also be seeing Brienne (whom she rejected in Season 4) and Littlefinger (whom she dodged in Season 3) again for the first time.

What with the dragons soaring, White Walkers marching, and Eurons Greyjoying, it seems pedantic to observe that Game of Thrones isn't exactly a bastion of psychological realism. This scene particularly hints that another Stark will be coming back to Winterfell and fans are set to see another reunion between the Stark siblings. It's just how serialized stories work. Will she enter? Or will she turn around and spend the rest of her days sipping ale somewhere warm?

The return of Arya Stark to her home is certainly a welcome thought, but there could be bigger things to see in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4. Fiddling with her necklace, she contemplates how awful it is for someone to be killed at their own wedding... as she removes one of the stones.

The Starks are easily the most loved of the great Westerosi families and they've been subjected to unspeakable horrors throughout the series. "And in reality, Sansa is a really wonderful politician, and he doesn't recognize it enough to appreciate it", she went on to say. Aya is like this ninja assassin.

Arya Stark's journey was briefly paused by her highly anticipated reunion with her direwolf, Nymeria, who refused to join her back to Winterfell. Digging into the relationship between Arya and Sansa, for instance, would establish character traits and moments of foreshadowing that the show is still paying off all these seasons later. On a side note, I wish I was chill as Bran is. Ser Dontos - as in the drunken nobleman who Littlefinger enlisted to carry Sansa to his ship (and to safety) after Joffrey's death. We know. We've been with them all along.

The post is dark and full of spoilers, tread carefully. For instance, we don't really need to see Euron's fleet being built to understand that he has one.

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