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Democrats Lay Down Conditions For US Tax Reform Support

04 Agosto 2017, 10:01 | Bibiana Flor



Supposing Republicans don't try another immediate push on health care, as Trump has suggested they should, White House officials said they will try to introduce tax legislation in the House this October and get it into the Senate by November.

The Senate was expected to stay in session through next week, but opted to recess early in the wake of Republicans hitting an impasse on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

"Taxpayer money should not be spent on foreign products like iron and steel from China and Russia", said Senator Tammy Baldwin, Democrat of Wisconsin. Democrats were united in opposition to the motion to proceed.A loss on Tuesday could have been a death blow for Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, and also cast doubt on Trump's prospects to achieve any of his other top legislative agenda items, including tax reform."We have a duty to act", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told senators before the vote, reminding Republicans they had promised to repeal Obamacare in four straight elections. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee announced that the bipartisan leadership of the Senate health committee soon will start to craft legislation to "stabilize and strengthen the individual health market" for 2018. In exchange, he wants Democrats to agree to make it easier for states to choose their own health coverage standards that insurers must provide, and not heed consumer-friendly requirements of former President Barack Obama's law.

"Reconciliation is just a tool to jam through partisan short-term tax cuts that would result in economic uncertainty and instability and significantly increase our budget deficit", said the senators.

We've written about how important it is for a president to have an adult like Kelly in the Oval Office, but the real issue is whether our president will listen to advice from the adult. They're hanging on to one cause for optimism: the appointment of John Kelly as White House chief of staff, which several GOP senators said they hope will calm the chaos on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Donald Trump is facing growing resistance from Republican lawmakers who are both turned off by his chronically chaotic style and increasingly unafraid of his ability to punish them politically as the President's poll numbers plummet.

That scares some Democratic strategists, who predict that Trump's presidency is its own guarantee to turn out liberal voters. John Kennedy speaks at a get-out-the-vote rally on December 9, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. McCain provided critical support to allow debate on an Obamacare replacement last week, despite his final "no" vote. When asked about their Representative specifically, Americans are more forgiving, with 41% approving. "We don't think that's the priority in the country".

Q: Do you really think you can re-create any consensus for free trade when, as you write, there are winners and losers and the politicians appeal to the losers?

Two senior Republican aides on Capitol Hill downplayed the talk of a new divide between the White House and Senate Republicans. Full-year earnings are expected to be up 11.5 percent, which would be the strongest growth since 2011. He said, "The votes are simply not there". They total $7 billion this year and are helping around 7 million people afford insurance deductibles and co-payments. He exercised his influence on his first day on the job with the resignation of White House communications director and Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci just days after his hiring.

Meanwhile, for him and the GOP the 2017 congressional game clock is running down fast. Imagine the response if a president elected to reform Washington were prevented from doing so by a feckless Congress and a vindictive bureaucracy. We do not hear such messages from Democrats these days, so it will be up to Republicans to deliver on pro-market tax reform.

The way to federal tax reform seems to be following the same road map as the one that dead-ended health care reform. "He ought to do that job and let us do our job".

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