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Congress moves to make Mueller fire-proof

01 Agosto 2017, 07:40 | Faron Santos

Rep. Trent Franks has called on Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel citing conflicts of interest

A partisan arbiter of justice’ House Freedom Caucus member demands Mueller’s resignation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday traveled to El Salvador to spend two days seeking stronger cooperation from authorities in the fight against the street gang that has plagued many US cities.

If this hunting for conflicts of interest for the highly respected Mueller, a former FBI director, is to fire him, the American public can be certain that the real reason will be to squelch the investigation.

Graham on Thursday said that ousting Mueller would mark the "beginning of the end of the Trump presidency". Fine. Frustration at what really could be a "witch hunt" as he calls it?

There's no telling if Lindsey Graham's legislation insulating the independent counsel Robert Mueller from Donald Trump's wrath will go anywhere.

Trump has a penchant for firing prosecutors when they begin getting too close to his affairs.

For Trump and his cabinet, MS-13 has become a primary example of why the USA needs to impose harsh immigration and criminal justice policies.

Under the new administration's leadership and prompted by President Trump's executive orders that gave broader authority to agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's stepped-up removals have led to a sharp decline in illegal border crossings.

In his America's Newsroom appearance Thursday, Graham said that he "wants to help the president where I can" and that Trump has been a "good commander-in-chief".

The president is reportedly outraged that the investigation is straying beyond Russian meddling. "I'm not sure how he gets out of this", he said wearily.

Trump is not famous for reading history, much less learning from it.

The bill would create a three-judge judicial review process for any decision to fire any special counsel investigating a president or presidential aides.

Trump now seems set on terminating Mueller's investigation, which he could attempt to do by directing the head of the Justice Department (whoever that winds up being) to fire him. "Republicans are aligned on a policy agenda with Trump, but they are not aligned when it comes to firing Sessions or Mueller".

Then, fearful of his growing image as an ineffectual leader under investigation, Trump suddenly tweeted that the 2,400-plus transgender people in the USA military are no longer welcome to serve.

Sessions, an early supporter of his boss President Donald Trump, recently has faced open criticism from the president.

The president signals that he will replace Sessions and, while Congress is in session, this will require confirmation hearings. He later said "the truth will surface eventually" regardless of whether the attorney general keeps his employment.

It was impossible to see at the time, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision in March to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation was a key-maybe the key-moment of the Trump presidency.

"This is not just a diversion, this is unnerving", he told reporters.

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