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Chants to Lock Hillary Up 'Inappropriate — GOP Sen Flake

08 Agosto 2017, 06:42 | Bibiana Flor

Jeff Flake voted for the Republican healthcare bills and he could pay a political price. Getty Images Pool

Jeff Flake voted for the Republican healthcare bills  and he could pay a political price.   Getty Images  Pool

The poll, from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, found that the Arizona senator's vote for the GOP healthcare bill has hurt voters' opinions of him. "They do tend to track pretty strongly with the popularity of the president".

More than 125 Republican amendments are included in the Affordable Care Act. "We don't work for the president".

Out of all Americans, only 29 percent said their highest priority was health care reform. McConnell did not mention health care during his roughly five-minute speech, instead focusing on his successful effort to block Obama from filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court in the final year of his term.

"When particular ugly conspiracy theories go out, or simply fake news, stuff that is just demonstrably false, we ought to stand up and say, 'Hey, that's just not right'", Flake says.

Despite having control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives since the November 2016 elections, Republicans have not delivered on their biggest campaign promises.

Republican senators cite a litany of reasons for the failures and delays, including blaming Democrats for slowed-walking many of President Donald Trump's nominees and forcing the chamber to spend precious floor time on positions typically agreed to by unanimous consent.

"I don't think the issue has been working together; I think the issue has been getting votes", Idaho Sen.

"If he was not born in the United States", Trump concluded, reporters "would have uncovered the greatest 'scam' in the history of our country". The logical revenue option - applying the corporate tax to imports and rebating it on exports, which would yield about $100 billion a year - engenders huge opposition from Wal-Mart and other retailers even though the competitive effects would be minimal.

The best recipe for a turnaround in fortunes for Trump and Republicans, in the end, is success, which inevitably begets more success. The party needs to return to a mediating and moderating role whereby it weeds out the most extreme and most irresponsible elements. White House officials called for cutting many unspecified deductions, but there has been fierce resistance to this from many outside groups.

To understand the roots of President Trump, it is vital to remember that the Republican Party thus far has generally stood behind him and his agenda.

Whatever grace period Flake extended to Trump in November appears to have long since ended as the senator promoted his new book. "I think the odds are, we're going to be lucky to get it down at all".

The Real Clear Politics polling average for the generic ballot now gives Democrats a 8.9 percent lead (47.7/38.8).

Flake defended his voting record saying, "There's a principle that elections have consequences and the president should get his people if they are qualified".

"ObamaCare is torturing the American People".

Even Republicans themselves are divided over whether and how tax reform should be "paid for". All three are up for re-election. That's a 5 percentage point rise since January and 12 points since 2014.Sen.

That ignored the fact that Republicans tried to pass the health care bill under rules that required only a simple majority.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said at the event that the plan was to have a tax bill "start going through the normal process" beginning Sept. 1.

Then, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a former House member, suggested on a Sunday show that the Senate must pass health care before doing anything else. "Other than that you accomplished nothing".

Third, both the specific agenda — a creaky façade left over from the 1980s — and the central values of the party are in need of revamping.

It won't be easy. It says blocking the federal payments would cause them to boost premiums by around 20 percent.

There has been no movement on legislation to finance the rebuilding of roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure.

This happens as President Trump is actively encouraging them to be as crazy as possible.

U.S. corporate tax rates are the highest among large industrialized countries.

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