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'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay calls out contestant's racist tweets

02 Agosto 2017, 02:32 | Fidele Alvizo

Raven Gates Alexis Waters Astrid Loch Danielle Lombard Jasmine Goode and Sarah Vendal Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

Raven Gates Alexis Waters Astrid Loch Danielle Lombard Jasmine Goode and Sarah Vendal

Once the painful break-up happened, the source contends that the runner-up just "collapsed and sobbed" after Rachel left him.

Although he doesn't condone Lee's actions on the show, Kenny says he doesn't think Lee is racist.

See you next week for the finale! Is that what you are saying?

The contestants piped up with more questions: "Were you hurt that you said it?" Lee says he doesn't like racism: "It bothers me morally, and it bothers me inside".

"The Bachelorette" season 13 airs Mondays. In response, Unglert took to social media days before the episode to urge viewers not to criticize his father "for his appearance or his beliefs because by doing so we are disparaging an entire faith and culture". It has a solid Jonathan Brandis circa 1992 vibe and I don't hate it.

Adam, meanwhile, told ET that he didn't believe Lee's apology during the show.

Rachel Lindsay may be the best Bachelorette EVER! "I saw myself getting to the point where I could propose to Rachel". When Iaconetti asked if they would agree to a televised wedding (assuming ABC offered it as an option), Lindsay replied, "Honestly, I'm not thinking about the wedding because I'm like, 'Are we gonna make it?' which I honestly think we will".

Do you buy Lee's contrition?

But that didn't stop her Bachelor-affiliated lady friends from partying it up without her.

Rachel's absence in the Dominican Republic means one of two things: either she's feeling very overwhelmed with everything that's going on in her life right now or she has doubts about the choice she made during her Final Rose Ceremony.

Before things really took off, Garrett took a moment to apologize to the cast and crew for straight up lying to Lindsay that King aggressively dragged him out of a van during the show. "She's attractive and she always puts a smile on my face". The overnight dates in Spain will continue with the next elimination next Monday.

According to Us Weekly magazine, Rachel Lindsay will send home two men in next week's Bachelorette finale.

The rest of Unglert's on-set chat with THR follows.

I'm sorry, but this is not the "Men Tell All" I'm used to. He's got a big heart.

"I was being irresponsible in what I put out", Garrett said.

#DeanForBachelor was trending after your elimination.

You have to give it to the The Bachelorette here: Harrison presses him on this, and gave the guys in the house ample time to press him on it, too. But Rachel was announced as Bachelorette while she was still in the top three of that season, so it's certainly not unheard of. I'm distracted because I'm pretty sure Dean is wearing booties.

Just when you thought we were done with the Lee drama, Chris had to bring him up on stage.

The other contestants didn't know about those at the time, but they certainly did at the MTA.

Sometimes, the best part of Men Tell All is the screaming. I don't get it, but OK! It was a very hard topic, but at the end of the day, it needs to be talked about. Kenny says all of the men agreed to play a "gentleman's game", so when Lee broke that promise, there was no turning back. You do need comical characters on the show, but they should be more than just a catchphrase that is blown up and said in one of the most ridiculous fashions imaginable. But what I found more profound still was the show's insistence on subsequently shoving that conversation into its readymade mold of closure.

This brings us to the end. So congrats to those two, their lives and every motion they make from now until her finale airs on August 7th will be dissected every which way but Sunday, so I hope they're ready for that.

I'd probably pack more clothes. It will take place on Aug.7 on ABC Network. Currently, three men remain in the race for Rachel's heart.

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